Dance Historians

Not to clutter up a thread on Joe Lanza's movie exeriences, I thought I start another.

Terry is hardly the only Swing/Lindy historian around. He isn't the only one in Europe and isn't even the only one in London, let alone England.

Terry is a pretty knowledgable guy, with years of experience (and I mean years). I'm not taking anything away from him by saying there are other dance historians with a large knowledge base who judge their experience in double digits. Why Joe seems to think exaggerating Terry's status will enhance the telling of his story I don't know. Terry himself would certainly not endorse it.

There was a panel discussion a few weeks a go inat the Harlem Jazz Dance Festival with a number of vernacular jazz dance historians, with a strong base in Swing/Lindy Hop. Terry was one of several historians present.

Again DKTR was not the movie that set all of Europe a blaze. It is just silly to assume that a single movie some how aired in so many seperate countries and metropolitan areas and was responsible for a spontaneous growth of swing dancing... especially in the ninties since the Rhythm Hotshots had been dancing and teaching in the mid-eighties.

Now I have no doubt that DKTR had a large impact on dancers of ce roc, rock and roll, and boogie woogie. I'd be surprised to hear that it didn't effect Swedish Bugg. Lennart, Eddie, Anders, and Ryan all cite WLH in Hellzapoppin and Day at the Races as the movies that inspired them to dance lindy hop in the Harlem tradition.

Perhaps Terry did say these things, inspired by meeting someone who he looks up to. Even historians can get star struck. My first meeting with Frankie Manning back in 95 was very similar.

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