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Nothing that specific for me, other than keeping an eye on heart function. There's a history of heart disease in my dad's family, so two years ago I went to a cardiologist for a workup. Did the treadmill, MRI, the whole bit. Clean bill of health except for a slight murmur which I've had since I was a teenager. Keep the weight off (which, unfortunately, I've been negligent at lately, due to holidays and having had a foot issue that had me on crutches for a bit). Don't go nuts with food. Limit caffeine. Eat protein but not too much (contributor to foot problem).
Not over using my body when it says that it doesn't like a step. I back off that step.
I still try to be very sensitive to any pain I feel might be a result of something in dance, and then discover stretches or strengthening exercises I can do to improve the situation. There are some things I won't try now because I know I am not capable, like a split, which I couldn't do much in the past either. But I still feel I should work to improve my flexibility and may yet still do a split! :)

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