"Dance Off" Dancing with the Stars - Sept 20

aagh! I missed Alec and Edyta. I did manage to catch Nick and Charlotte which was worth the few minutes of mindless patter from the announcers. I hope this means he will have a more active role in next season -- wasn't there talk of having him judge? Maybe he can replace Carrie Anne. Or, maybe they will add another celebrity for him to train!
OK...this is going to be a long one...but I had quite a bit on my mind and didn't want to quit until it was done to relfect my true feelings...so bear with me, OK?

Incredible. That pretty much summed it up for me.

I didn’t think the voting would be that close...and honestly, I also thought that given the strong showing from her fans during the original series, John and Charlotte stood about as much a chance of winning the dance-off as a snowball does of freezing in Hell. As for the phone problems...I had ‘em too. Mom tried to vote on my behalf 10 different times (5 on my home line, 5 on my cell)...3 calls got through for John and Charlotte on the cell, 4 on the home line. Seems like a lot of people on both sides had the same problem. So to me, that makes the phone argument pretty much a moot point. Should the system in place be changed?!? Yes, absolutely....whether it’s including more lines and/or increasing the time allowed to vote in the first place.

On to the dancing, OK? It was truly a treat to see how Kelly Monaco’s overall presentation improved. While there will still plenty of problems, in my eyes she was making an awesome effort when it came to selling both the choreography of the routine and the story the routine was trying to portray. In an earlier post, I had stated that once she could fit the right feeling, the right emotion to its proper dance she (and that never-say-die attitude of hers) will have finally done her talent the justice it so richly deserved. She was more of an active, engaged partner this time around - and I was blown away by the overall quality of her DANCING. From a fellow dancer, Kelly...welcome to this wonderful world. You fought incredibly hard to earn the respect of the people....and it is my sincerest hope that you don’t put your dancing shoes away in the closet. Please take these comments as a token of my respect, one dancer to another. Because you’ve EARNED it.

What can I say of John? I’ve gone over the tape time and again, and quite frankly I don’t see a *poor attitude* that many of you claim exists. I tend to read a lot into people’s tone, and while the words may seem suspect to some...to me the soft, quiet tone in his voice made me think that his *poor attitude* was anything but. Note that most of the time too, there was a smile on his face and a chuckle in the air. BTW - trash talking goes both ways. Kelly herself was no saint in this regard. As for John himself...the tone in his voice and the look in his eyes to me reflected a determination that even he probably never knew he had. It’s clear that the man loves to dance; he’s got an incredible passion for the art and it shows, both in his demeanor and his considerable skill.

In the Latin round, Kelly and Alec brought their usual flair into their cha-cha routine. With all the improvement she’s made from a presentation standpoint, I was pleasantly surprised by how good they looked together here - and for me, I just ate this routine up. This go-round, she was a more active, engaged partner and I loved it...even if from a technical standpoint, it was far from perfect. For John and Charlotte...that rumba, while the weak point in their program (in my opinion, not enough action in the hips) was still pretty good. The “feel” or story behind this dance is one of sensuality and passion between a man and a woman...Bruno making the analogy of “a 12 episode steamy soap opera” was right on target. And boy, did J&C NAIL it that night. Together with their fine sense of control, the ability to get the “feel” of this dance I think is what got them through what I believed was a weaker round . Oh and by the way...I may be in the minority, but I thought the outfit Charlotte wore for the rumba was actually quite nice. Color wise, maybe not. Think back to the Paso Doble...the lady indeed looks good in red. But then again, who knew Charlotte could pull off “sultry” and “sexy” as well as Kelly could?

On to the ballroom round. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by Kelly in particular. For only having about a month to get it down, and Standard/Smooth not being her strong suit, the quickstep came off better than even I thought it would. I really enjoyed that routine...not from a technical standpoint (finding the beat I think was harder for her here than it was in the cha-cha), but because it had that light, airy sense of fun and hold on a minute...Kelly CAN and did actively dance in this routine. She became more a part of the dance itself - and looked much better in doing it. Well done Ms. Monaco.

Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable in “Gone With the Wind”. What a memory, and what a waltz. That routine literally got chills running down my spine and took my breath away. And people can think what they want about what I say next - even if they think I’m a few apples short of a full tree! Be it in a tail-suit or a tuxedo, John O’Hurley wears that elegant, formal look very well. Classically sophisticated, he was definitely handsome in his own right next to his equally stunning partner. That *30* was no pity mark. It definitely was earned. The hold, John’s frame and strong lead, the great lines, the effortless rise and fall, the footwork, the choreography- all of it came together to produce a routine full of both technical difficulty and artistic grace. Simply beautiful to watch. Dancers in future editions of the show will have a hard time topping this routine, if it could ever be done at all. Personally, I don’t believe it can.

For me, the free-styles were a tale of the unexpected. The couple I expected to come out with an athletic routine that pushed the envelope (Kelly and Alec) clearly didn’t and the couple I expected to be technically sound, yet a little safer (John and Charlotte) was anything BUT.
To be perfectly honest, I was expecting to see MORE from Kelly and Alec here than I did. It was OK, but after the finale I believed that the freestyle and not necessarily the Latin dance was where they were going to really shine. In John and Charlotte, I saw a routine that was aggressive, athletic and that for them, raised the bar completely out of their comfort zone. Carrie Ann was right - earlier in the program, that spark, the natural connection they’ve both become known for was not all there and that once they got it back, they’d be alright. In the freestyle, that connection was not only important. It was necessary, especially when the lifts came into play and their safety was at risk. There can’t be a moment’s hesitation on either count, nor can stuff like that be done as two separate dancers. You’ve got to think, act and dance as a single unit. The biggest way such an ideal can be achieved is if the connection between partners is complete and their faith in each other is total. Kudos to John for having it in him to even attempt some of that all or nothing stuff (that overhead lift with a twisting entry was something I thought NEITHER of them would do). And props to Charlotte for placing enough trust in her partner to allow him to pull it off. It was the aggressive, all or nothing nature of this dance that for me, made it incredibly fun and entertaining to watch. Even if it was lacking technically.

Excellent demonstrations by both pro couples at the results show. Alec and Edyta - what can I say? That samba was as a samba should be. It was incredibly fun to watch. Fast, sharp and quite frankly, sexy as hell. And what of that costume Edyta was wearing? Sure, it made anything Kelly Monaco wore during the series look tame in comparison. But I don’t see anything on this board marking her a “slut” or a “pole dancer”. I’ll bet anything the folks here that have been slagging Kelly wouldn’t have it in them to call either her OR Edyta Sliwinska a slut to their faces. Do yourselves a favor. Head to a Latin dance competition (especially a professional one) sometime and see for yourself. Showing some skin as far as the women go is the rule, not the exception. Does that mean all those women who dance Latin are trashy? You, me and everyone else already knows the answer.

If Nick Kosovich didn’t already have a partner and a World Championship title under his belt, am I the only one on this board who thinks that he and Charlotte Jorgensen would make an awesome (and nearly unbeatable) professional couple in their own right? The words I heard from the folks in attendance at my Mom’s studio were unanimous.... “Brilliant”, “sheer genius”, “stunning” and “ballroom at its very best”. After having seen it for myself, I’d have to agree. That was quite possibly one of the finest exhibitions of Standard style ballroom dancing I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing. After that routine, I’d be surprised if top male pros in the Standard division looking for a partner WEREN’T knocking at Charlotte’s door trying to talk her out of retirement.

As for the amateurs in this event...both Kelly and John have been un-necessarily and unfairly portrayed at times, whether it was by the media or the public at large. Kelly Monaco has had many things including her past, her morals and the validity of her and Alec’s series win called into question. Her past is just that. The past. Sure - baring all for Playboy is something that I personally would never do. But as a grown woman, that decision was hers and hers alone. If she is happy for having done it, who am I (or anyone else passing that judgment for that matter) to think that one moment in a lifetime makes her somehow less of a human being than you or I? For those who have been calling the validity of her series win into question - I’ve come to the realization that you were asking the wrong questions all along. Instead of trying to drag Kelly’s good name through the mud, perhaps your energies could be better served by questioning the validity of an inherently flawed system that the dancers were forced to work under.

And what of John? As I stated earlier, I did not find his attitude to be poor at all, and I stand by that statement. Could he have chosen some of his words better? Sure. But I’m willing to bet there is not one person among us who hasn’t said something at some point in time they’ve come to recognize as a regret. But I also heard him say that quite possibly, he was the luckiest man alive just to get the opportunities he’s been given. That isn’t the mark of selfishness. To me, he came across as being truly grateful....1.) For the lifelong friend he’s made in Charlotte and 2.) For the good fortune that’s come his way, all as a result of him having learned simply how to dance. By the time the winners were announced, I personally found some things very striking about both him and Charlotte. Bad attitude? I don’t think so. Was John happy at having won? Sure. But take a good look. He wasn’t his usual witty, effusive self. If there was a celebration going on, it was one inside himself... a private moment within in a very public arena. A poor sport with a bad attitude would have used their happiness as an excuse to rub their opponent’s nose in it. Charlotte was the picture of class as it should be - a poor sport would have let Kelly alone as she celebrated and not been the first to offer a hug, some positive words and a shoulder to lean on.

I could see something else too. Never saw John as an emotional guy...at least, not in the outward, public sense. When he got that check, his voice got softer and it took on a bit of a crack. Cradling it in his hands and holding it near his heart, he looked like a guy on the verge of tears. That demeanor, the emotion he showed made it real clear. The money that those votes raised for Golfers Against Cancer meant more to him than the title of “Champion” those same votes garnered he and Charlotte ever will.

In that closing dance sequence with Kelly, I did not see a bragging, over the top crybaby. I saw someone who carried himself with dignity, grace and was a gentleman in every sense of the word. That’s not being a *sore loser* or a *poor sport*. That was the true essence, the real spirit of the ballroom world at its best.

Both John O’Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen embodied those ideals as champions truly should.

In the end, best wishes and congratulations to both championship couples. May you enjoy your titles and all the rewards that will undoubtedly come your way as a result of all your hard work. For your passion for dancing, for baring your emotions and your souls week in and week out and for enduring all that you’ve had to just to entertain us, this fan would like to say a simple, but heartfelt...

Thank you.

I actually do agree that Kelly deserves a lot more credit. I was just telling my friends that my feeble attempt of doing some free style dancing convinced me that what Kelly's 'showing off' was not as easy & trivial as everybody thought.

Sure, her knees were not straight in latin steps and she might be selling her 'suxy' self too much. But she does have a fluid & beautiful spine which compliments the latin dancing well.

John's got the formality & 'character' down for the dancing. But Kelly has a lot more potential - IF she didn't put her dance shoes in the closet!

Oh well...I've heard this a lot & it's once again proven true - talented people sometimes take it for granted & then all talent goes to waste w/o being further developed.

This dance off - as I said, I'd have given it a TIE! I could live with either winning :) Unlike the first time which I thought John was ROBBED!
i wasn't surprised when kelly said her dancing shoes were in the back of her closet.

i suspect she is done dancing. john - i seriously doubt it.


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Wonder if he would consider an am partner, or would prefer to go wiht pro am.. (I think pro am might be better for him... would interfere less with his life )


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