Dance Shoes Milwaukee

I'm just finishing up another E-commerce website for a new customer.

I hope you'll take a look at Dance Shoes Milwaukee. It's my favorite design yet. If anyone has the opportunity, I hope you will take a look and see if you can spot any bugs. There is one link I still need to activate (How to Order). Other than that, it should be nearly perfect. The site has already sold 5 shoes!
The site looks very are definately the web man!!!! After a quick look around, I don't see any bugs. I'll see if I can get some time to fine-tooth comb it and let you know if I find anything. As of right now, it looks GREAT and is EASY to use. :D


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Looks really good DanceMentor! :D

FYI, I didn't see anyhing in the children's shoes picture box...but don't know if i should've or not.


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Yup. This website looks cool. I'll put it through Jenn's infamous endurance test (i.e. shop for sundry shoes for countless hours :lol: ) sometime tomorrow and see if I can find any bugs.


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I did the endurance test, and I couldn't find any glitches. Yay! :D

One comment. I couldn't find anywhere on the site that states the shoes are in English sizes or gives instructions of how to convert sizes from English to American. Maybe I missed it? *shrug*


...And I'll be sure to add link to Dance Forums on every page of Dance Shoes Milwaukee. :D

Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to add an image and link to the children's shoes.

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