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This year I have been wearing Bloch 'Boost DRT Mesh' sneakers for all my dance except Standard lessons and some practices with my partner. For group class, most practice, aerials, and all social dancing I now wear the sneakers. My new partner and I do hit each other's sneaker sides (he wears the same kind) because of brushing close (which means we're doing that right I guess.) This model of sneakers has extra rubber at the side making them really clunky and wide. The hard rubber soles do not slide nearly as well as my standard court shoes or Supadance 1026's, nor do they allow as much toe bend. Sand the soles to make them slip better on wood. Sneakers take awhile to get used to. But they allow me to spend many more hours on the floor. You might try the much lighter weight, more flexible suede-soled sneakers.


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I need clarification - what exactly are we talking about? Because a dance sneaker is a type of dance shoe.

When you say "dance shoe," do you mean a character shoe? A jazz shoe? A Latin sandal? A court pump? I feel like I could better answer you if I knew.

Overall, I think it depends on what you need to accomplish with your foot health and/or your dance goals. A dance sneaker is designed with a split-sole for way more foot stretch and flexibility than is the shank of a dance practice shoe. So there's metal under the arch of a ballroom/Latin shoe in order to support the heel, so while the area on the ball of the foot is flexible, the center of the shoe isn't. A ballroom practice shoe is usually very light, with extra cushioning, and you're still getting a heel.

If you're working through foot health issues, I'd wear whatever feels best and what your doctor suggests for you until the issue remedies itself.

Here's a neat link from a podiatrist on the different types of dance shoe. Good luck!
Hello, I agree with the previous replies and I would also think of how long you are practicing/dancing during the day. If you dance for long hours then you might need more the sneakers as to me these feel more comfortable for many hours practice. On the other hand the dance shoes allow you to be more detailed on the footwork and if you are dancing for a couple of hours per day I would recommend these. Maybe go in a shop, try both styles and then make up your mind. :)

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