Dance Songs in your Phone

I was surfing around, looking for ringtones for my phone, and I found a site that has organized a bunch of ballroom dance music MIDI files. For most new phones, you can transfer MIDI's to the phone and have them serve as your polyphonic ringtone. My phone also supports MP3, but then I find myself enoying the song too much and I forget to pick up, so I try to use polyphonic tones.

Anyway, here's the link to those ballroom MIDI (ringtone) files:



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:lol: Porfirio :!: My phone plays a poor rendition of Johann Strauss' The Blue Danube :lol: :lol: I didn't care for the other choices on offer. :?

My sister heard my phone ring the other day and was :shock: change it, change it :!:

:lol: I like it though :oops: so said that I was going to keep it, especially as it is my phone :lol:

I have in on "beep" most times anyway. It is more subtle/less intrusive, especially in the office/a restaurant :D
One time the owner's cell phone rang and it also played a tango for the ring tones.

My instructor and I were talking, heard the phone and started doing the tango to phone ringing.


That was fun!

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