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I'm doing a little research for a project and was wondering if any one has seen stat figures for the following:

1. Statistics for the number of dancers/participants there are in the U.S. (or world) broken down by dance styles (tango, swing, salsa, etc.)?

Anyone seen figures on this anywhere?

I can tell you there are about 2,300 studios in the US that teach ballroom dancing. If each studio has 50 students that would be 11,500. Of course, there are many people who don't fit the mold and are not easily counted. It's even difficult to define a ballroom studio. I know sdsalsaguy has been doing some research. He may see this post and be able to provide more info.


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In point of fact there are no reliable demographic data for this type of thing. USABDA can tell you how many registered amateurs there are, but then there are probably 2-4 times as many people who are more casual regarding their participation (mind you, not necessarily regarding their dancing) that do not register. Similarly, the NDCA can say how many registered pros they have, but numerous small scale and local "teachers" are not within this structure.

Tango, swing, and salsa are even less "centralized," so any types of numbers for them are that much harder -- and less representative -- to come by.

Finally, perhaps the largest obstacle to such data is the lack of discrete threshold, i.e., when does someone "count" as a dancer? When they have had "x" # of lessons? When they go out "x" amount of time/month? Etc.


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