Dance Studio Manager Software

I've been working pretty hard these last couple of months on Dance Studio Manager, a program to help studio owners run their school.

But I thought you might want to take a look at the demo
I expect to have something fully operational in approximately 4 weeks.

If there is anyone that would like to be in the demo group to test the software, I can setup a private demo where you can test things out. There would be a $25 charge to do this, but it would be deducted from the purchase price (which I will likely set around $200).

Some of the sections that are incomplete are:
- group class setup
- reports - there will be ways to run printable reports such as displaying students with private lessons remaining, or students who have taken salsa in the last 6 months. These are just examples. The reporting will be very flexible, and should help studios be able to do a better job tracking and marketing.
- daily schedule (working, but more to be done)
- More displays on student and teacher pages such as lesson history and payment history.

What you see now is a snapshot. Beta testers will have their own private copy that will upgraded as we complete the software, and they will be able safely and securely use actual student information.

There is also some more information here:
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Curious...could you add some sort of "notes" field -- i.e., my teacher keeps binders on all his students and marks the progress in boxes for each lesson.
alemana said:
so we can test this without paying? i'd be happy..
You can play around with the live version with the link in the first post, but please don't add any personal info about any "real" people.

If you want to actually have your own private demo, and have the software updated as we make improvements, then it will cost money.

Also, if anyone can help me find studios that need the software, I would be happy to pay a commission on all sales!
Joe said:
So it's web-ware?
Yes, it is run from a webserver. A "live" installation can certianly be run with SSL and all pages protected by a password. Many applications being written today are "web ware". There are many advantages such as being able to run this from anywhere, and also being able to have multiple instances running at the same time.

It will be great if people are able to at least mention this to studio owners. It should be ready in a few weeks.
I'm a teacher at Starlite Dance Club (Sunnyvale, CA), and I've been dreaming about something like this for a long time! I'm late coming to this thread. Is it true that there was a one year gap between the last two posts?


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hey, this looks great, DM. my instructor is opening up a studio soon... will tell him about this. i know he's going very hi-tech
I thought I would update this thread and mention we now have the software running in:
7 Gymnastics Schools
1 Swim School
2 Ballroom Schools

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