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Can anybody help me find the best dance studio in Vaughan? What do I need to consider before choosing one for my child?
What sort of dance studio are you looking for? Ballet/jazz/tap, or something else?

This is a partner dance forum (ballroom, swing, argentine tango, etc). Do you want to get your child into partner dancing or some other type?

(Also, where is Vaughan? Which state, country, etc?)

Generally though, regardless of the type of dance - go visit studios yourself, talk to the teachers, find out about their backgrounds and teaching philosophy, talk to some other parents, get information on prices, etc. See for yourself if the various available places seem like a good fit for your kids. Don't make a commitment to the first place you see without doing some checking around.


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Vaughan, like as-in suburb just north of Toronto? There are tons of really good ones in various styles within easy reach.

In addition to the questions above: What does "best" mean to you?
I always ask dancers I know. I'd also ask parents. A good place to start might be a studio where your child has a friend or two, so ask around your social circle and see what people say.

I also agree that you should interview teachers if you can, but that's not always easy to do. People are busy, and I know I for one would feel weird being that forward with someone I just met!
There is a dance studio called Performing Dance Arts in Vaughan which is excels in dance training for various dance forms like ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, etc. Can anybody know this? Reviews Please..
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