'Dance With Me' Now Showing on VH1

The movie featuring salsa and ballroom dance starring Vanessa Williams is now airing on VH1. I know about where you live, but here on the East Coast the schedule looks like this:
Wed 9 7:30 PM Dance with Me 71 VH1
Thu 10 3:30 PM Dance with Me 71 VH1
Sun 20 10:00 PM Dance with Me 71 VH1
Mon 21 7:00 PM Dance with Me 71 VH1
Thu 24 12:00 PM Dance with Me 71 VH1


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Thanks for the heads up ...but I got it on video for an even more accommodating viewing schedule!

As I commented in a different thread, I really wish they had shown more of the dancing that got left on the cutting room floor…oh well.

As an aside, the contrast made between Vanessa’s character’s: “it’s called choreography” and Cheyenne’s: “the music tells me what to do” is what I was trying to evoke in questioning the standardization of salsa in the “‘ruining’ salsa?” thread in the salsa forum.

Phil Owl

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I liked this movie a lot too, mainly because of that underlying theme of "Doing It By the Book vs. Doing It From The Heart". I too would've loved to have seen the dance footage that didn't make it into the final movie. Tony and Melanie were dynamite in this from what I remember. :D

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