Dancers and chess players


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There is this existing thread inside this forum: "Dancers who are also painters artist"

which interests me but has received very few posts. On the dance floor I would like to see contributions from composer, poet, painter, athlete. Not naturally athletic, the last facet is not as great a thrill to me as it is to some.

I believe professional footballers are actively discouraged from taking up golf as a hobby -- could it be because footballers need instantaneous reactions, not slow deliberate planning as in golf? Golfers cannot stand distraction from the crowd before they hit a ball, footballers feed on audience frenzy.

Years ago I was given a list of famous chess players who also had a day job, and I flipped through Whos Who. A pattern seemed to emerge: there were diplomats, politicians, lawyers, scientists, artists, writers -- and sportsmen including world champion boxer Lennox Lewis.

One profession which seemed not to produce chess players was the acting profession. So what about the dance profession? Is it possible that the habit of careful deliberate circumspect reactions in chess is not the most helpful to dancers who need lightning reactions and feed on a noisy audience, the way golf priorities are not helpful to professional footballers?

What other day jobs then, may share synergy with ballroom dance at a high level? And for that matter with latin dance?

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