Dancers and ugly feet


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And, while we're at it, what are good non-dance shoes for a dancer? Sneakers? Slippers? Bare feet? What do you put on your feet when you're not dancing?

And can a serious dancer have beautiful feet? Thoughts?
When I don't dance, I try not to wear as much 'heels', mostly flat or flip flop with nice cushion.
And if you're serious about dance, then dancer feet is almost a by-product that comes with it naturally, all we can do is to try our best to take good care of them, then the rest of it 'que sera sera' lol
First Happy new year to all...

I know its an old topic but I want to share my experience with my feet and dancing. I did a lot of ballet for many years and it did some damage to my feet (especially toes). And theyre still changing...

This is how my feet looked some years ago....
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and now theyre looking like that :
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Well, ballet can be bad for your feet.
I felt bad for your foot, I hope you can find a solution to make it look better.

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The shape of our feet is hereditary.
Wearing ill fitting shoes that create bunions with certain foot shapes (wide or even "normal" in the forefoot) is not hereditary.
I understand, though, that there are exceptions.


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