Dancer's Dream Land - REDESIGNED!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know Dancer's Dream Land has been completely redesigned with an all new "Styles and Steps" section with information on just about any style of dancing you can imagine. The "Movie Madness" section also feature some new flicks coming soon to a theater near you.

Please check it out and let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see on the site.

Thanks for the warm welcomes!

I have been insanely busy with moving to a new city...and in the near future moving from an apartment into our first home! Along with our wedding (hoping to post pictures in the photo album soon) and adjusting to an awesome new job. Obviously, I've been working on the web redesign as well.

Gyrotonics instructor... I pulled the majority of the Career Center information from previous issues of Dance Spirit Magazine. It was a career they mentioned, so I figured it had merit to include in potential careers for dancers.

Gotta boogie back to work!


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Oh yeah. It definitely has merit. The name just knocked me for a loop, until I read the job description. I had no idea what that job was called. Pretty cool site update, ddl. 8) :D
Another quick thought...

Given the number of people whose first post on the DF is in regard to learning how to dance...I really need to finish the education section of my site. I'm planning to include information on how to start dancing, locating a studio (with links to directories), learning by video, workshops/competitions, dance at performing arts high schools, and collegiate dance. Anything else I should work to include?
Thought about it some more today and I think I'll also include a list of frequently asked questions. Here are a few that come to mind...others?

~ Help! I need to know how to dance in a week! What do I do?
~ I danced when I was younger, but now that I'm an adult, is it still okay to dance?
~ Am I too old to dance?
~ How to I get started in dance?
~ What is the best type of dance to try?


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I'll give this some thought, ddl. Drawing a blank at the moment, since I think you're looking for general questions and specifics keep poppoing into my mind. I'll be back. 8)
Thanks, Sagitta! I think I will include that...

pygmalion, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

EEK! They just issued a tornado warning (storm alarms are going off) and there's a lady taking walk with her daughter...just a pleasure stroll. :shock: EEK... I guess I shouldn't say much as I'm still here online...such dedication!


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How did it go yesterday, ddl? I heard there were quite a few tornados yesterday, with the possibility of more today. I hope all's well... :?
Thanks, pygmalion!

No immediate damage in our area...a few towns west of us got hit pretty hard but I don't believe anyone was hurt.

We also received a huge storm on Tuesday(?) but I was out of town. Apparantly there were no tornados that actually touched down in our area, but quite a few trees were blown over by large gusts of wind. Scary stuff...

I love spring...I hate the tornados it brings!


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Glad to hear you're okay, ddl. Yep. Weather can be a scary, scary thing sometimes. It's amazing how powerful and small a storm can make me feel. :?
Finally finished a large update and made my dance movie resource even more unbelieveable... It now includes movies with Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, Bojangles and a few other flicks I happened to run across.
Wow! Been browsing the site and it's about time I find the right website I've been hunting for! :D I've been looking for something like this in a looooooooong time.... Thanks to dancersdreamland! :wink:

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