Dances to 20/20 - Justin Timberlake

I think we are going to see these songs on the dance floor shortly, but not sure which ones will appeal to dancers or DJs. Here are my picks:
Body Count - Cha Cha
Let the Groove Get In - Samba!
Spaceship Coupe - American Rumba
Dress On - Int. Rumba

I think the first two, Body Count and Let the Groove Get In will be hits in the dance world 100%. Great album. Loving it!

Here is Let the Groove Get In live, and the album version is even better for dancing.



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I'm a big JT fan from way, way back. Back to boy band days. I'm not feeling this new album, to be honest. My fave song is this. Not sure what I'd dance to it, though. *sigh* (other than random, barefoot, around the house jammin which I can handle. :D )


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