"dances with shopping trolleys"


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where's peach... you saw how pretty her feet were, right...? that doesn't do anything for you, luv?

reminds me how pretty some latin dancer's feet are, the way they place them... nice.


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Nice video :D

The last time I tried any fancy footwork with a trolley the entire thing tipped over! Happened many years ago but I've been anti-trolley dance for a while now...


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thats real life for a tango sicko

...When I started TA I trained every free second, on the underground platform, or walking through a park, in the shopping mall a.s.o. I was addressed 3 times, and so I danced offhanded to the squeaky sound of my mobile handy: in a japanese garden in front of a tea house, in a shopping plaza, and on the mooring place of the habour ferry.... Today I know how bad I danced that days, but the atmosphere was always perfect then!


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I know this has been around for a while, but I hadn't seen it before. Very funny.

It made me laugh, because I regularly dance with a shopping trolley in my local big store, particularly when its quiet, but usually Rumba, not Tango.

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