DanceSport Grand Slam series coming to US TV

WDSF GRANDSLAM WORLD DANCESPORT SERIES comes to the USA, starting Sept. 6th. See previews online at American Public Television and the following metropolitan city date confirmations as of 8-26-16. This exciting new DanceSport programming for the USA is 6 episodes and is moderated by the legendary Peter Maxwell.

USA Dance 15-second commercial will appear in all episodes!

We will post updates as they are known. Schedules/other updates to be added to USA Dance website, on Facebook social media and sent to members/chapters via email from the Central Office.

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KOCE Los Angeles "Ep. #101 Sat. Sept. 17th at 11pm;
Ep. #102 Sat. Sept. 24th at 11:30pm
Ep. #103 Sat. Oct. 1st at 11pm

KVCR Los Angeles Fridays at 7pm, starting September 16th on main channel; Also airing Tuesdays at 8pm, starting September 20th on 24.3,

KLCS Los Angeles, Mondays at 8pm, starting September 12th.

WLVT Philadelphia Tuesdays at 8pm, starting Sept. 20th

KQED San Francisco Thursdays at 9pm on KQED Plus, starting September 8th (doubled up on 10/13); Also airing on Fridays at 9pm on KQED Life, starting September 9th.

KCSM San Francisco Tuesdays at 10pm, starting September 13th.

WHUT Washington, DC Airing Sunday, September 25th starting at
2pm (all episodes airing back-to-back for special dance marathon)

WPBA Atlanta Tuesdays at 9pm, starting Sept. 6th.

Houston PBS Houston Wednesdays at 7pm on 8.2, starting Sept. 7th; Also airing Sundays at 5pm on main channel, starting Sept. 18th

WUSF Tampa Saturdays at 6pm, starting October 15th.

KBTC Seattle Wednesdays at 6pm, starting September 14th

Rocky Mountain PBS Denver Sundays at 10pm, starting September 11th.

WVIZ/PBS ideastream Cleveland Saturdays at 1am, beginning September 17th.

WTVI Charlotte Tuesdays at 9pm, starting Sept. 6th

UNCTV Raleigh-Durham Saturdays at 10pm on UNC-EX, starting September 10th.

Nashville PTV Nashville Fridays at 7pm, starting September 16th.

KCPT Public Broadcasting Kansas City Sundays at 6pm, starting October 16th.

Milwaukee Public Television Milwaukee Mondays at 8pm on WMVT (36.1), starting September 12th.

WCET Cincinnati, Sundays at 9pm on CET Arts (48.3), starting October 16th

South Carolina ETV South Carolina Sundays at 9pm on South Carolina Channel (SCC), starting October 2nd.

WXEL West Palm Beach Tuesdays at 12pm, starting Sept. 20th
Vegas PBS Las Vegas "Ep #101 on Friday, Sept. 16th at 9pm; Ep. #102 on Friday, Sept. 16th at 10pm
Ep. #103 on Friday, Sept. 23rd at 9pm
Ep. #104 on Friday, Sept. 30th at 9pm

WGVU Grand Rapids Sundays at 6pm, starting Sept. 18th.

UNC-TV Greensboro Saturdays at 10pm on UNC-EX, starting September 10th.

WFYI Indianapolis, Thursdays at 8pm on WFY13, starting September 8th.

WJCT Jacksonville Sundays at 4pm starting September 18th. Also airing Saturdays at 9pm on channel 7.4, starting Sept. 24th.

KENW Albuquerque Sundays at 6pm, starting September 11th & Mondays at 12pm, starting Sept. 12th.

WCET/Cincinnati on Sundays at 9pm on their CET Arts channel (48.3), starting October 16th!

KLCS, LA on Mondays at 8pm, starting September 12th!


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Interesting. Nothing about WTTW with approx. 6 million potential viewers. Probably can't figure out how to use it during their never ending begathons. Maybe WYCC will pick it up.


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Reminder this is not PBS, but a network that shows some PBS shows as reruns, and original programming too. They showed the WDC AL US Nationals this year, from Utah, also, as original programming.

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