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Here’s my paen to dancesportinfo:

The second place couple in the UK Open Professional Rising Star Latin this week is Ilia Borovski & Veronika Klyushina, dancing for Hong Kong. Veronika Klyushina most recently danced for England with Neil Jones, who with his new partner Katya Sokolova, and on the same day (January 20, 2009), won the UK Open Amateur Rising Star Latin. As of this afternoon (January 21, 2009), Neil & Katya are in the semi-final of the Amateur Latin.

Ilia Borovski’s name sounded familiar, so I clicked on his profile and results with Liva Borovski. They danced at the 2002 Ohio Star Ball and were in the semi-final. Also in the semi-final at Ohio that year were Pasha Kovalev & Anna Garnis, both versatile on So You Think You Can Dance; Andre & Natalie Paramanov; Delyan & Boriana; Svetlana & now deceased Igor Ishakov; and Lyubomir Asenov & Darina Jeleva.

In the 2002 Ohio quarter-final were Max & Yulia, newly in the U.S.; Ilya & Nadia; twins Andrew & Adrianna Przybl (she’s now dancing back in Europe and he is still here doing pro-am); Jonathan Roberts & Anna Trebunskaya, Jonathan now doing smooth w/ Valentina and Anna recently not doing latin w/ Pavlo Barsuk; Marcus Johnson dancing latin with JT Thomas, who is now dancing smooth w/ Thomas Mielnicki.

I could go on with the twining and untwining of more couples in the quarter-final and haven’t even mentioned the finalists. This is the best database in my life!

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