Dancing in Germany?


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I'm excited to get to travel outside the US for tango for the first time! I'll be spending a lot of my time in Berlin, and a lot of time taking lessons from some of my favorite dancers - Maja and Marko.

I've heard some people say that Berlin has some of the nicest tango dancing outside of Buenos Aires. Does anyone have any recommendations for can't-miss milongas? Any general advice is welcome too.

If any of you live in Germany, I'd love to meet up and chat/dance at a milonga. Shoot me a message if you'll be around Berlin, Hannover, Bremen, or Frankfurt in the coming few weeks.
As an out of country visitor, I liked the atmosphere of TangoLoft very much. Friendly, lovely decor, good wine, easy to get dances. Odd shaped room, but a fair bit of seating.

I heard that Nou has a reputation as a place where the good dancers go, and there were some very nice dancers there. But it was harder to get dances, less room to sit or dance, and didn't have the friendly vibe that Tangoloft had.

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