dancing milonguero style


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These kinds of teachers are rare. I was fortunate though!
The point I make is that I don't dance like teacher,
I found and practised my own way to dance.
I could describe in detail how that is, you might even
understand (many will not even listen) but I cannot
make you dance as I do, only you can do that
and there is no guarantee that you would be willing
or able.

It seems more likely that you dance as your teacher
does, or at least what they teach. From my memory
of some of your other posts, we dance very differently.


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Thank you. I assume you are talking about front ochos in open embrace? In closed, I remember that they were not at all easy to learn and even now I don't find them easy to teach.
The problem is if you have rigid close embrace.
If you loose it a bit, the follower will be able to do it easier.
When you perfect it, then you might have firmer embrace.
Embrace is a living thing, someone might call it cheating. ;)

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