Dancing on New Years Eve


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I attend the only studio here that holds dances on New Years Eve and have spent the last eight NYE's there.

I was just wondering how many people here go to studios that hold a NYE dance since I believe many studios choose to close for that night.


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I don't go to a studio but, for the past 3 years, have gone to a dance camp at the very end of December that culminates with a New Year's Eve party.
I used to go to New Years at one studio here in Atlanta and found it to be first class. It's especially nice if all of your friends from the studio are there. They also had a catered buffet and champagne at midnight. Last year, I just stayed home with my wife. :)


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Here's my question: why do all the dance camps I want to attend in Califorinia this December have something going on simultaneously, around New Year's Eve? :x

Actually, I can understand why. It's just frustrating.

But, to answer the original question, the vast majority of the ballroom dance venues here in town do nothing on New Year's Eve. That's because it's a tourist town, and there are literally hundreds of things to do -- concerts, buffets, fireworks, amusement parks. You name it. The ballroom dance studios can't compete.
I'm not sure about the studios around here holding a NYE party. For the past 5 yrs. I've alway gone to our country nightclub for NYE. It's inexpensive, we get a live band with country and swing music and many of our friends show up, so it's a great time. Plus we all dress to to the hilt, which is fun. :D

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