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Just curious. Does anyone out there go dancing/take dance lessons/practice while on vacation away from home? If so, how do you find the dance resources? Any good or bad experiences? :D
Yes, yes, yes and yes!!!! :)

One of the joys of going on holiday is finding a new dance place, Jenn. No matter how fabulous, bad or mediocre you might be, some dancing teacher or partner at a social somewhere is going to have something you've never seen, be it a move, dance (ie a Schottische!) :) or a good, old-fashioned fabulously fun experience!

Whenever I learn of a trip interstate or overseas for work (or play) I ALWAYS check out the dancing venues beforehand. You'd be amazed how much fun a little research can bring!

One tip is to e-mail the studio if they've got a website or call and you'd be amazed what you'll find and it's a good way of finding out local prices. You'd be amazed at how flexible some instructors can be if they know you're on a tight schedule and are from overseas/interstate.

For example, I was recently in Singapore and found this fabulous salsa place called the Xenbar . I, stupidly, didn't ring or e-mail first and consequently spent one Tuesday night wasting time shopping (ha ha!) when I could have been having an Argentine Tango lesson (which as it turned out would have been free, but that's not the point). I kick myself every time I think of it.

I'm obviously not the only one. In the past month, I've met several people from interstate who, rather than sitting in their hotel rooms all night alone, have popped along for a bit of salsa or ballroom, just becasue they checked out the venues online beforehand. Coincidentally, one of the best salsas I've had was with a guy last week from another state who always checks out local venues when he travels. WOW, what a dancer!

But there is a downside though. Sometimes you meet fabulous people or just find an amazing instructor or a place with memorable ambiance and know that unless you're going to be in that end of the world/town again, you'll never see/dance with them again! :(

MadamSabma - It is hard when you meet people you just click with and then have to go back to your hometown! But sometimes there is a nice almost romantic element to that...I've been inspired by so many people I've met and only seen them once...but I'll never forget them for the rest of my life. I used to be a tour guide where I met people from other countries on a daily basis, and I always tried my best to be extra kind so they would leave with a good impression of the US.

I'm heading to Arizona in a couple weeks to go on vacation...and while I'm in Pheonix I'm planning to check out a local dance venue if I have time. My only fear (besidies being a beginner) is the smoke...last time I was in AZ the smokers in all the restaurants and such damn near suffocated me. I guess I've been spoiled living in California. :oops:

But I say definitely go out dancing while on vacation...maybe that's the sole reason to go! Isn't dance about bringing people and other cultures together from around the world? :)




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Well, I can't really remember the last time I've had a vacation, but I try to go dancing while I travel. Sometimes I will just take some down time...especially with how chaotic things can get when I'm on the road, lack of transportation, and limted resources. My travel dancing, however, can take very different routes. My salsa adventures in Denmark, for instance, were by chance...and they are memories and experiences I will cherish for my whole life. On the otehr side of the coin, however, you have situations like my friend's wedding in Las Vegas last weekend (see my Oct. 16 post). I asked around the local salsa community here in SD about Vegas reccomendations and, the weekend before, also asked a ballroom instructor I knew from Vegas what the hot salsa places for Fri. & Sat. night would be. And that was a blast too... :D
pygmalion said:
Does anyone out there go dancing/take dance lessons/practice while on vacation away from home? If so, how do you find the dance resources? :D
Isn't that the purpose of a vacation? :lol:

If you want info on where to go for swing, www.yehoodi.com is a good place to start. There are lots of good people on there from all over the world.


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My new concept is to take dancing vacations -- i.e. to workshops or dance camps. Puts a whole new spin on the idea of dancing on vacation, doesn't it? :D


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Certainly, I've made three trips to the Seattle area in the past two years to visit a relative who lives there and took the time to go dancing. I initially found out about the venues there by doing a web search. Had a great time with the dancing up there.
I refuse to go on a vacation where there isn't salsa dancing. If there isn't salsa, you can bet your house that I DO NOT want to go. My vacations are now to dance salsa all night and sight seeing all day. If I can't, too bad for the sight seeing... :D
Hi, Jenn...just got back from an interstate trip and all I can say is "wow!!!" I e-mailed a couple of salsa people in the state and they told me where to be and when and I turned up... it was such a fabulous night of salsa and I'd never have experienced it, had I not done a little research before jetting off! It was decidedly better than sitting in a hotel room or schmoozing with marketing types, making meaningless chit-chat all night! :)


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That's cool, MadamSamba! 8) :D

The several times I've traveled since I became seriously dance addicted have, for the most part, been some family tragedy or another, or visiting my parents in the boonies, so dancing hasn't happened. But just you wait. My next travel adventure is going to include dancing. Big time! :D


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Jury's still out. I was tentatively planning a trip to dance camp in Southern California in December, but not if it's still up in flames. Oh those poor people! :cry: I'm going to wait a couple weeks and see what happens. If not SoCal, then Reno it is! :D
Oh... Southern CA... for some reason I got the impression that if you were coming to CA it would be in my neck of the woods... :shrug: Keep us posted

Speaking of posts... congrats on #2000 oh great Feudal Lord! :notworth:


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Jenn...FYI, the fires, while not out, have moved significantly east and are no longer any threat to San Diego. Seriously.

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