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Just wanted to add my two cents here for those of you who don't live near a dance shoe shop. I've always had trouble figuring out my size with different brands as my feet as unbelievably wide. To check your foot size, visit the below URL and enter your UK size, it will give you measurements for all the widths and the length of your foot for that size :): geocities.com/handy_feet/shoesize.html - I also found on the dancesport.uk website that it explains the different fittings.

In my case, I'm length-wise a UK 4.5 and have width "C", so I'm thinking that either the regular fit for Supadance and Freed shoes would work well for me, as their wide fit will be too wide for my feet. In International, I would be looking at the wide fit, as it's only a little wider than the regular (I think it'll make more sense once you see the chart on the dancesport.uk.com website. I believe it to be pretty accurate as I've had Freed shoes in regular and they fit me fine and currently have DANSport (by International) shoes in regular and they are too tight - I should have gone with the wider size.

Here's the URL for the dancesport.uk.com shoe fittings explained dancesport.uk.com/shoes - you'll want to look on the left hand side and click on the "regular, wide or extra wide: fittings explained" area.

Hope this helps :)
With all this shoe talk, I am evaluating different brands, etc. and THINK I have some scientific guidelines to follow to ensure you get the right size for your foot. In my case, my feet happen to be particularly wide and it wasn't until recently that I really realised that I probably should re-evaluate my sizing, especially now with dancing. Here are my two cents to help those of you choose the "right" pair.

1. Ensure that the length and width of your foot corresponds to the right shoe size. I found the following place very helpful and accurate with regards to my own feet: geocities.com/handy_feet/shoesize. It helps you find both the length and width of your foot. In my case, I am a UK 4.5 in length and a "C" in width.

2. Next I had to see how my foot would fit in the various dance shoe brands. So I went to the: dancesport.uk.com/shoes/index - Dancesport UK's virtual shoe shop for help. I've pasted the table below. They've got the following brands explained: DSI (Dancesport Int'l), International, Dance Naturals, Freed, Supadance, DanceAmo, DANSport, Rummos and Cindini.

Narrower: Level -2 International Extra Narrow fit, Supadance Narrow fit

Narrower: Level -1 Rummos Regular fit, Dance Naturals Regular fit, DANSport Regular fit, International Narrow fit

Average: Level 0 Supadance Regular fit, International Regular fit, Freed Regular fit

Wider: Level +1 International Wide fit, DSI Regular fit, DANSport Wide fit, Cindini Regular fit

Wider: Level +2 International Extra Wide fit, Supadance Wide fit, DanceAmo Regular fit

Wider: Level +3 International Extra Extra Wide fit, Dance Amo Wide fit

The question is, how do I know that the table is accurate? Well, I compared the table to my previous dance shoe experience:

My Syvlia by Freed dance shoes fitted my wide foot of roughly 9cm well. So I knew that I would do well with a regular size, but that the wide would be too wide for my foot.

My DANSport shoes I bought in regular and should have bought them in wide and half a size smaller, as they are too narrow and cause my feet to have lots of bandages after a lesson. The wide fit is at level +1, so I think my feet would have been perfectly happy in a UK4.5 Wide, not UK5 regular.

International regular fit is also a little too narrow for me and leaves a 1cm gap between my toe and the edge of the dance shoe. Their wide size is only one level up and I would have to order them half a size smaller, but in wide.

Supadance shoes I would have to order in regular, as their wide size is two levels up, meaning it would be too wide for my foot.

I hope this helps you guys with your shoe fittings :)
I just received a pair of closed-toe x-strap shoes I bought online for smooth. My feet are slightly different sizes, and so one shoe feels pretty good. The other, however, is a bit loose - too much space in the toe and a bit of a gap in the heel. I'm wondering if there's something I can put in the shoe that's a bit large for my foot that will help it fit better... I know there are a number of inserts/products on the market that are designed for improving the fit of regular (non-dance) shoes... If anyone here has used any of these for their dance shoes and could recommend one in particular, I'd love to hear. Thanks in advance!
I usually have to pad my shoes to make them fit right. I use Dr. Scholl's heel grips (the grey ones, not the gel). For the front of the foot, I make my own pads with molefoam (moleskin with a layer of foam attached). I step on a brown paper bag with a wet foot to make a pattern, then cut the mole foam to match my foot shape. I've also used regular "odor-eater" type insoles to cut an insert for the front, but I prefer the molefoam. I stay away from gel inserts because they are too squishy. I feel like my foot keeps moving in the shoe after I stop.


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Size 1 in what kind of shoe? (ballroom, tango, street, jazz, dance sneaker. men's women's)? By which sizing method ?(UK?US? Italian? Other?)

And welcome to the forums, btw.


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If I interpreted the Wikipedia page correctly, UK size 1 isn't even a 4 inch long foot. A three inch heel, might as well just get some pointe shoes.


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uk size 1 is a 3 or 4 US depending on manufacturer. I am a size 1 and 3 inches is the limit I can dance on-so they probably don't make them. I got some lovely supadance silver sandals with a 2.5 inch louis heel in size 1 a few years ago so looking a bit lower can work.


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I, for one, can't imagine a foot that small on a heel that high. At that angle, I can only imaging your poor tootsies taking quite a beating. But to each her own. :cool:
I want to order Aida latin shoes online, but I heard that Aida shoe sizes can vary widely.
If you own Aida shoes, what size did you order and what size are your US street shoes?
I have difficult to get shoe . Because my shoe size is uk 1 and half .l like my heel 3" . Is anyone can help me with it ? Maybe a shop in UK? Thank you

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