Dancing with a Smart Robot

On Slashdot:

"Yes, this is possible, thanks to researchers at Tohoku University, reports Japan Today in a brief article [Warning: it takes a while for loading]. Equipped with a computer, sensors and batteries, it can move in any direction on four wheels and has memory for five steps necessary to dance the waltz. This sidebar contains a photograph of a student waltzing with the robot, MS DanceR (Mobile Smart Dance Robot), coming from another short story carried by Ananova."

From Anova:
...and technology begins to embrace the world of dance a little bit more. Very interersting...

Agreed, the robo-woman does need to be fully dressed with some makeup and a fresh hairstyle.

Otherwise, cool advancement!
I posted this a while ago before the Dance Forums were very popular. I found this by searching on Google news. I'm glad to see some people have read this now.

Yes I think we need a leading robot. That way I can see how my female students are dancing. It will also make teaching my private lessons much easier. :lol:

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