Dancing with Acrylic Nails


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I really want to start attending beginner swing classes but have acrylic nails. Will they be a problem?
Welcome to the forum Lauren.

Acrylic nails is one of the things that make me hesitant to ask a lady to dance when I go out social dancing...I don't know how long yours are. However, I usually feel like I can't do all the things I want to do with a lady's hands if she has nails like that. I feel like I have to be careful and thoughtful and tentative...and those are things I don't want to be when I'm social dancing.

Your mileage may vary.
Welcome Lauren. I realize you want to dance swing. Just know that if your nails interfere with swing, there is another style called "Standard" here in the US, or just called "Ballroom" elsewhere where your hands do not move and you can show off your beautiful manicure.
Monkey-hook hand position will be a problem. But a country hand position will be fine. Just be sure to be firm with the teacher who will insist on monkey-hooks that it might not be the best position.

*Monkey-hook is the position where the hands hook together with the fingers pointing to the other's palms.
Long nails can be a problem and so can rings; my wife removes her rings for dancing. So I would go and then determine if the nails are too long, etc.

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