Dancing With Injuries


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Has anyone here ever kept dancing despite injuries, dance-related or otherwise? Major? Minor? How did you cope? How long did it take to heal?
I can very thankfully and blessfully say I'm a pretty "safe" person. I rarely ever take ill or have injuries (today being an exception...I'm home from work with an icky stomach bug).

I, however, would not advise continuing to dance all out with an injury. Injurties, althought accidents, are a sign your body needs rest and recooperation. Allow your body that time for best and quick recoveries. That does not mean, however that you shouldn't still at least work the muscles. They still need to be warmed up slowly and light stretches.

Did you find yourself injured? :? I hope not and if so, fast recovery wishes to you.


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Thanks for the good wishes. Nope, I can thankfully say I'm just fine at the moment. Sorry to hear about your bug. :(

I have, in the past, danced with broken toes -- but only because I had to. I broke a couple toes the week before a dance performance, and there was no one to substitute for me. Just curious about how others have handled the situation.
We've discussed the broken toes syndrome. Doesn't seem to stop us from dancing. I've also had a sore wrist and very sore shoulder (when my arm was wrenched during a lesson). I won't dance when my shoulder hurts because it can easily get hurt again, but the toes doen't stop me. I know many dancers that won't stop dancing when they have an injury. I don't mind taking a break if I'm hurting.


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dancergal said:
I know many dancers that won't stop dancing when they have an injury. I don't mind taking a break if I'm hurting.
Yes. I think that's the thing. The broken toes don't really hurt, if they're taped properly (AND if you wear big or soft shoes :lol: ). I think other, more serious injuries must be paid attention to.

I know a guy who slipped and fell on the day of a studio exhibition. He broke one rib and bruised several others. Then he taped up his midsection and performed. Talk about nuts! :shock:
My b/f dances with sore knees all the time and wouldn't take a break when his heel was giving him a lot of pain. I remember at one convention a lady had to hobble on the dance floor, but she looked fine during the competition. Another person I saw was dancing with a wrist brace and I've seen lots of ankle braces at dances before. I guess you just can't keep some dancers down. :D
Dancers definately have spirit and passion...don't ever try to keep a dancer from dancing I guess. I still firmly believe, injuries are best taken care of with rest, relaxation, doctor counsel and physical therapy when appropriate.

I've been fortunate enough to not have an injury, but if I did I might change my mind on my statement above. I'm only speaking from my point of view at this stage of my life.

And we all now how quickly POVs can change... :p
I did, and somehow quite often. Although the injury was never dancing induced or related :)

When I just started taking lessons I got pretty nasty cut on 2 fingers on my let hand, looked pretty funny when I danced with 2 fingers straight. Took around a month to heal.

As usual most of the time I have bruises from my marshal arts class which is right before dancing lesson, or I pull a muscle in the gym. I never skipped a dance lesson because of that, actually I find that dancing did help with those.

The only exception would be drop splits. In the begining, I hurt my hip twice practicing that and it was rather difficult to do cuban motion, at least fast, so for a few days no cha-cha...

What else? For a week I've danced while I've had fever, 101-102. During the lesson I actually felt better, but afterwards I was really exhausted.
Well, that's pretty much it :)

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