Dancing with tall girls

This is some good food for thought! Just not the new boyfriend part :cool: (j/k)! I actually was thinking of it opposite of Waltzguy, that in ballroom, my shaping would actually make me look shorter just by virtue of the backward lean. My head would technically be lower than his. I guess we'll have to try it and see if he feels like he's got balance. We'll need some people in the studio to give honest opinions whether or not it looks ridiculous lol! Like he's dancing with a big spaghetti noodle. Or something. :p

All things being equal but height...I do have the advantage of being much willowier than him, so I think that might help compensate for my extra height. As a whole, he's still a bigger package than I am. I think the right dress can really help accentuate that. I think if I was his frame at my height, I'd hang up these dreams right now! ;)

My other idea is to wear flesh-tone shoes. That way less attention would be drawn to them and the fact that I'm wearing really short heels. Any advice on that?

Thank you so much!


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Honestly, if he is just starting to learn, you have quite a bit of time before it will matter. Yea, if he gets totally taken by dance and has huge amounts of time and expendable money, you might be competitive inside a year. Otherwise, with a normal amount of social dancing and classes, it will probably take longer. Given that one of the primary themes of Dance Forums is ladies searching for a dance partner, just make sure he is really enjoying himself dancing with you and the rest will take car of itself. Besides, lacking a Russian name is probably a bigger setback than a couple inches height difference :cool:
In pro-am competitions, I've seen tall women (6' ish without heels) dancing with men who were 4 to 5 inches shorter and the height diference didn't affect their dancing as far as I could tell. The two women I've seen were students and the men were pros. Men may need to do some adjustments but women shouldn't consider the height difference at all. That being said, I am somewhat on a taller side (5'6") and I tend to duck my head doing the under-arm turn. It has become my habit and I'm trying to fix it.
The main hazzard in latin (syllabus) for me was haiving my head clonked by my much shorter partner during under-arm turns. Usuallly this was my fault as I was trying to not raise my hand too much.

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