Dancing with the Stars II - Week 2

Hmm, if she didn't want to be judged as a dancer then she probably shouldn't have entered a ballroom dance contest. That's really too bad that she had such a bad experience.
Larinda McRaven said:
Sorry, I misquoted myself... my intent was "several weeks" to prepare.
Okay, I guess, if the term "several weeks" applies to just 2 or 3 weeks.

Anyway, if we're talking about the ratio of preparation-time-to-actual-skill, then Kenny Mayne is the person at whom you should all be upset, since Kenny had the full time to prepare yet his dancing still looked pretty stiff and ridiculous.


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wyllo said:
Hmm, if she didn't want to be judged as a dancer then she probably shouldn't have entered a ballroom dance contest.
Funny how she didn't think anything of it when those same type of comments were directed elsewhere in week 1... :roll:
Wow, I just got around to checking out the DWTS posts! 49 pages!! It took most of the morning to read it all. Great comments on the dancing. It's always interesting to hear what all you ballroom dancers see during the dance routines.

I was sorry to see Tatum go because I think she was really trying, but I think she's used to getting her way because of who she is. It's really shameful that she's bad mouthing the judges although I don't always agree with them either. I also think her spoiled attitude got her kicked off more than her dancing. P. Miller also has a bad attitude, but his fans like him that way. As long as his fans vote for him, we are stuck watching him stumble through a dance routine and why the judges don't tear him apart like they did Tatum is beyond me. But that's Entertainment!!
i just remembered that i promised to post the link to the site devoted to Oolong, a japanese pet rabbit who was photographed nearly daily by his owner for several years balancing a wide variety of objects on his adorable bunny head. this page is a good introduction to Oolong. put the www ahead of it:

caityrosey said:
Yes, for someone who has been an actress as long as Tatum has I'm surprised at how personnally she decided to take the Judges' comments.
Being a spoiled sport doesn't look nice on anyone. Well I do remember an article about her years ago about how she doesn't like being told what to do and doesn't like criticism of any kind. You could sort of see that in her practice lessons that were taped.
now reminiscing about how many of the female 'stars' were taped slapping their pros this week. this drove me wild when i saw it the first time - IMAGINE if you did that to your pro IN PUBLIC. oh my god the WORLD WOULD END instantly.

and you could see that in their faces, the absolute shock bordering on not understanding... "how could... she... slap... ME????" then they reeled themselves in.

i once almost lost a coach by merely verbally defying him during practice in an open studio. slapping... i can't even fathom it.

course now i'm sort of fantasizing.....


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:raisebro: i have a lesson tomorrow. will see how he handles slapping. hey...he whacked me in the head last week....left with a bloody toe....payback!


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slap my dear sweet pro? never!!! sides he'd just hit me back and then there'd be all that rolling around on the floor an then heaven knows what;)
Ahem....ladies....I have been informed by saludas on a different thread that "this is a DANCE forum" -- and therefore it would appear that any posts about fantasies where ladies slap men are completely inappropriate.

....Unless we are talking about my fantasy of having Stacy Keibler slap me around a little bit.... :raisebro: :twisted: :oops:


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life is short and joy is important....sometimes we all just get bunched up way too tightly...sometimes we just need to tango our brains out:cool:
:raisebro:Ahhh... Now that sounds good!

Off to st. louis to learn tango more... havent spent much time on it, but what I did, I enjoyed...:p :raisebro:

Hummm... second thought... Minneapolis might be nice too... huh... the choices between pros ;)

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