Dancing With the Stars Season 16

Agree w/comments re amending scoring, but the problem is in applying various ideas to this venue.
In current DWTS, they are moving further now from anything where a standard could be appplied.
Here the majority of routines are 'freestyle'/show styles -- how do you establish a standard of difficulty?? In skating, diving, gymnastics, for example, there are some agreed standards, but how do you apply that to DWTS?? There are also a fairly large number of experienced judges, who still frequently disagree. And they act alone, without audience voting which brings in fan base and wow factor.
On DWTS, the judges are working toward a desired result, we have no idea how audience votes are counted or integrated, and a basic situation that, without sound or comment, would frequently defy recognition of a specific dance purported to be basic to a routine.

Any solution(s)???
The differences, explained:
Paso Doble: The girl ends up on the floor, dress draped around her like she's using it as a polishing cloth, the (bare chested) guy strikes a 'macho' pose.
Tango: The girl ends up bent over backwards (with hair in bun so tight she can't cloes her eyes and a rose stuck behind her ear), the guy (with shirt) strikes a 'macho' pose.
Cha-Cha: Some part of the girl (besides her feet) ends up on the floor, while the guy (shirt optional) strikes a 'macho' pose.
Samba: The shirt/skirtless & feathered couple end up on the floor in a heap. Breathing heavily. After 1 1/2 minutes.
Rumba: The shirtless guy and girl in see-through white end up on the floor together in a 'sexy' pose. After 1`1/2 minutes. Impressive.
Oh yeah, there's s'posed to be music, huh?
Ah, heck, give 'em AC/DC. Or maybe Michael Buble.
Like it matters.
I agree that Aly is not that great. She is actually much stiffer and less graceful than I would have thought given that she had at least some very loosley defined "dance" experience with floor routines and gymnastics training. But I still think she is WAY better than the remaining men.
Actually, I'm a HUGE gymnastics fan...following the international elites on a daily basis...the type of person that will wake up at 3 a.m. so I can watch an Australian competition streaming live on the internet.

Aly has NEVER been know as "artistic" in the sense of artistic gymnastics. She's a trickster with a cool head. Her bars are atrocious (which is typical of her gym, Brestyns...home of multi-world medalist that some have heard of, Alicia Sacramone...who also didn't do bars).

Aly was the Olympic gold medalist on floor for sheer tumbling skills, ability to wrack up connection bonus and ability to stick, alone. This last quad, the gymnastics code of points required you to stick your passes...no controlled step back (that was a deduction). But she has little connection to her actual music....just goes through the motions.

Here's Aly's floor...

Now compare this to someone with hard skills and a connection to their music...

Mattie Larson

Ksenia Afanasyeva (ignoring her two OOB)

Daria Joura

Victoria Moors

Although in Aly's defense...some people have better rhythm and connection to music than others...


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I've never seen the point of using music for womens' floor routines in gymnastics when the men don't use music. In skating, both mens' and ladies' singles have music, the only major difference is men's programs are required to be longer.

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