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Hi All! Well sorry to report but all shows for Dancing with the Stars are sold out. Myself and a friend have put ourselves on the waitlist but we'll see. I guess it's a bigger hit than I thought! I mean, I love it but I just didn't think it would be as embraced by the general population as it has!
I'm glad we got to go live and see it when we did, then. I was also wondering how fun it would be toward the end of the season to watch if all the couples were gone except two... would it be as interesting as the first show, or more similar to and uncontested bronze event at a day session of the typical NDCA comp?


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I'm jealous, Laura! Be sure to let us know what you're wearing so we can scope for you (something neon would be helpful!)


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mamboqueen said:
I'm jealous, Laura! Be sure to let us know what you're wearing so we can scope for you (something neon would be helpful!)
Oh god, I have to find something nice to wear. And I'm leaving in less than 24 hours (a friend and I are driving down to LA for it early tomorrow morning).
Laura said:
I was hoping Porfirio would see this and tell me how women in the audience were dressed....
Dressed Up! Cocktail dresses, guys wearing ties... a couple guys were wearing tux's, but I think that was a bit much.

Did you get the general seating from the website?

If so, you may consider some layers, depending on the weather, because you'll have to wait just outside the gate on the sidewalk, and that could mean in the hot LA sun (so sunblock and light clothes are in order), but once you're inside, the room is cooled.

I was fortunate enough to have someone I could wait with on the "inside", but, all that really meant was we got to wait in her car in the main parking lot and go in a little earlier - still, a lot of waiting. Pack some snacks and water :)

They said no camera phones, and they pass you through a metal detector, but I saw people taking pictures on the inside - no fair!

Anyway, have a safe drive.


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Thanks for the tips. It sounds like I should dress like people around here do for the "evening" sessions at the NDCA comps.


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Vicarious excitement. The sad, sad story of my life. But that's okay. I know those of you who go will represent DF well, and bring back unique perspectives. So I guess I won't complain. 8)


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Sounds like fun, but didn't seem worth the money to me. The celebrities don't float my boat, and I can see better dancing at the comps! It'll be fun to watch the show on tv though, if I ever have a night off to see it!

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