Dancing with the Stars---Week 4

who would you vote for to keep around after this episode?

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Alskling said:
I was told recently that Designs to Shine isn't getting paid for this, so none of the costumes were designed specifically for the dancers on the show. They're all off the rack from what the designer had available, which could narrow the costume choices significantly. Don't know if that's accurate, but that's the scuttlebutt...
I heard that too, from a reliable source.

It's funny, though, because there's all these sketches of costumes on the walls in the "Kiss and Cry" area.


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cl5814 said:
chachachacat said:
. Also, look at what one, ONE ballet lesson did for her!

Finish in 5th, on toe, arms high fifth, into a cursty, arms down to low fifth to second, and rise and smile. ~*
Do you really think 1 ballet lesson made all that difference ? I can hardly believe that.
I wonder myself...
I thought about adding a qualifier. She could have had ballet lessons every day, for all we know.
Or maybe she did learn some things from the ballet teacher, that she could use right away, like posture. It's possible.
The promo outfits were off the rack, but the costumes for each week are begun two weeks in advance of the night they will be worn and made to measure. The designs are determined in conjunction with the producers and of course the stars do have some input.

I am not positive but I believe the dresses are on loan and provided free of charge in exchange for the advertising. Bad deal in my opinion.


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chachachacat said:
Look at Olga Forapanova and David Hamilton.
Olga Foraponova and David Hamilton aren't Latin dancers...

Balletic is fine for Ballroom. It doesn't work with Latin.


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Anyway, my opinion of this week's show:

John: not spectacular, but solid.
Joey: much improved. No more hunched shoulders. Maybe Ashly put him on the rack. I must say, Ashly is super adorable. ;)
Rachel was pretty much the same as the previous weeks. Consistent, sure, but not very entertaining.
Kelly seemed to be the most improved celebrity. I have to say she's incredibly game. But sweetheart, you gotta do something different with your hair!
Well, Kelly's targeted problem (for the ballet lesson) was balance, and it doesn't really take much coaching to get that hammered out...especially when she's cranking out >4 hours a DAY dancing.

As for the 'do, I dunno, I like her hair down. For Latin, anyway. (I'm not too fond of the ballroom "look" for non-Standard/Smooth.)

Did anyone else think that the samba queen looked extremely out of place in a studio?


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BrookeErin said:
Alec exuded sensuality, but it felt like Kelly was missing the a real latin feel. I was disgusted by her grabbing her chest, not realizing it was a wardrobe malfunction until after the dance. Why is the dress completely strapless?
It had a strap that was supposed to go around the back of her neck. Apparently it was tied in the back, and came loose early in the routine. I first noticed it when she did a spin and it flew out in front of her.
Wekk four

I didn't watch the tape luntil ast night, so I haven't looked at this thread until now.

For samba I thought Joey did the best of any of the "stars". He finally got his shoulders back and his hips were the best of the group.

Kelly was much improved, she had some timing and musicality this time around. Her shoulders were still hunched now and then and anybody with breasts that large should know that stapless in not going to work (even if she started out with a little strap). That costume was just a big mistake with not enough support! Last week she had some kind of filmy, scarfy, shawl a wrapped around the bra top nd it also really detracted from her dance giving too much movement to her chest area.

John didn't perform as well this time, but he still did well. I'd have to look at it again to really give an opinon. However, finally one of the judges said the obvious after the waltz, that it is much, much harder dancing for the male "stars" than the female "stars". It's like apples and oranges to compare the two.

I'm sorry to see Rachel go. I think she has done really well and certainly is better overall than either Joey or Kelly - she just didn't have a voting fan base, but I think I enjoyed her because she seemed to really like the dancing. The samba was her worst dance so far. It didn't seem to have any samba to it... the judge who compared her (and he thought it was good) to a Las Vegas showgirl had it down. She was posing and kind of strutting, but it wasn't much of a dance and it was boring. If they thought bringing in a Brazilian samba dancer was going to help her with ballroom samba, they were mistaken - two different dances entirely.

I voted for John. I think Kelly will win because she has the fan base.
Well, Kelly's been doing the most Latin-like Latin dances thus far. If the judges keep up the Latin + Standard mix, then she'll be getting points in the Latin dances, and can just follow her way through the Standard dances.

EDIT: And her breasts aren't THAT big. Sheesh.
Re: Wekk four

Edie said:
Last week she had some kind of filmy, scarfy, shawl a wrapped around the bra top nd it also really detracted from her dance giving too much movement to her chest area.
The tone of your writing implies that the result was somehow a bad thing..... :nope: :raisebro: :twisted:
I've been watching the series whenever possible. I've really enjoyed watching the show overall even though it comes of a little cheesy at times.

I tend to agree that a few of the professionals came off as pompous during the first show, so much so that I felt it was directed that way. If I remember correctly, the one that got me the most was "I am the most handsome" or something to that effect. Grant it, I did agree, but it was a little nauseating. Also, Louis show horse pony tail in the first episode had to have turned off many people watching. He came off somewhat slimy to me and I'm used to the slick back hair so I can only imagine what the general public was thinking on THAT hairdo. Nasty.

I was a little surprised to see Rachel go this week although she had been voted low before by viewers. It was hard not to feel badly for her. Charlotte samba costume wasn't the greatest - even my 12 yr old daughter asked why she was wearing that. Aside from Kelly's dress having trouble staying on, I liked their costume coordination the best so far. I think Alec's shirt is one of the best styles I have seen - great color and still masculine enough.

Rachel's hair always looked silly to me and in general, I have found the lady's hair too messy. There does seem to be a trend for wearing hair looser in even the professional circuit. Not sure I like it but maybe it is just a matter of getting use to it.

Even though Evander seemed the most uncomfortable to me, I think his participation in this show will help male participation in this sport, probably the most. He showed a lot of guts. He's obviously a very competitive person - he wasn't too happy to get voted off.

I think all the dancers are doing very well considering the time they have to get ready, how new they still are to ballroom plus dancing live must be a nerve-racking, especially as a celebrity. John is a hoot - I loved his character on Seinfield and he seems the easiest to like on this show. It's very interesting to watch how they improve each week. I especially enjoy the clips of the couples practicing.

I hope that the show is picked up again after this season. Maybe the producers can give the judges something better than those cheapy looking signs to hold up with the scores.
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