Dancing with the Stars---Week 4

who would you vote for to keep around after this episode?

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My dad didnt even notice the wardrobe malfunction. HEs like "they kept talkting about a wardrobe malfunction. What was it? I didnt see it?"
Shows hes just such a typical guy. [insert sarcasm emoticon]
I feel like John and Charlotte somehow got blessed with the "hero effect" early on. They were very fun and expressive to watch, and were the sort of people that everyone loves. They are very easy for someone to want them to win from an emotional level.

That said, I think Kelly and Alec clearly danced better in week 4. The footwork was very clean. The partnership was synchonous. And the choreography was fit them well. I feel John and Charlotte have not been as clean these last two weeks, but the "hero effect" may carry them through to a win. Regardless, I believe Kelly and Alec are the ones to beat right now.
discovery said:
ACtenDance said:
I don't like how the training clips show Ashly and Joey kind of switching roles... like how last week he was telling her how things should be done. I got a similar impression this week. It's probably just how it was edited, but it hit a nerve with me.
I had the same feeling which is what lead me to think he is self-important. And he did the same thing last week. He seems to be taking the roll of the sage artist who tells young grasshopper ashly that she just needs to let go and be free. But somehow as a former NKOTB, I don't think he's qualified to take that roll.
I have met Joe on many occassions, and he has always been gracious and a gentleman. Sure, he can be a little cocky at times, but I think he would have to be in order to survive the horrible reviews, etc. he got as a NK, and to survive the judge's (unfair in my opinion) comments these past few weeks.
I think he just needs some input, and is doing everything he can to win this. I don't see how anyone can fault him for that.....
Trust me, if you met him, you would like him. He is very down-to-earth (even though he has been famous since he was 16 years old), and easy to talk to. He goes out of his way for the fans (including coming out and talking to them, signing autographs, etc. when they are outside of his house or anywhere else). I just don't think it's fair to get an opinion of him without actually meeting and getting to know him.....


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DanceMentor said:
Regardless, I believe Kelly and Alec are the ones to beat right now.
They will win. Someone on the Television without Pity forums analysed the voting procedures and proved how, no matter what the judges do, that at this point the person with the most audience votes will win.
I thought last week that the person with the most viewer votes got 4 points, the next 3 etc. . and then that was added to the judges votes (again 4 points for top couple, 3 for 2nd place, etc). I missed Joey's dancing but watch the rest. Did I miss something?
Laura said:
You didn't miss anything except for the power of the "audience vote determines the tiebreaker" rule. It would be better to read sgtbektar's analysis than for me to try to explain it here.
I was extremely impressed with sgtbektar's detailed explanation and analysis....although I still don't think it makes Kelly the inevitable winner. Sure, there are a ton of General Hospital fans for Kelly -- but wasn't John O'Hurley on General Hospital as well in his pre-Seinfeld days? (I don't watch GH, but I thought I read that somewhere on the Internet or in an article.) What about fans of New Kids on the Block for Joey, or fans of Seinfeld (one of the most popular TV shows ever) for John?

Maybe I'm naive, but I'm also expecting that a certain number of "fans" of a particular celeb may have tuned into the show to see that person, but would still vote their conscience for the "best" dancer as the series nears its finale. I'm also keeping in mind that the show seems to be gathering additional viewers every week, to the tune of several million more now than in the first couple of weeks. So, if we're assuming that Kelly's support is based on loyalty, then wouldn't those faithful fans have been watching since the beginning -- with all these extra millions of curious people not tied to any particular star?

In any event, I think the show is still worth watching, and I think the final outcome is still in doubt. Of course, I'm not discounting the possibility that Kelly could end up being the "best" dancer anyway, given her improvement from week to week.....


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That's an interesting read. With the strong audience vote behind her, and her improvement every week, it does seem likely Kelly will be the winner.
It looks to me like John really needs for Kelly to beat Joey with the judges next week. If the audience vote is going Kelly-Joey-John, and if (as expected) John turns in kick-butt performances in both dances next week, then we could see two possible scenarios:

Case 1 (Judge score + audience score = total score)
Kelly 2 + 3 = 5
Joey 1 + 2 = 3 -> Joey loses
John 3 + 1 = 4

Case 2
Kelly 1 + 3 = 4
Joey 2 + 2 = 4
John 3 + 1 = 4 -> John loses (audience vote tiebreaker)

John would need both to win the judges' vote and for Joey to come in third in order to stay in the running, if he his in the bottom of the popular vote.


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Foxtrot (american style) and paso doble.

My prediction, for what is' worth, is that John & Charlotte will turn in a classic "Fred & Ginger" performance in foxtrot, and that Kelly & Alec will own the paso doble.
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