Dancing with the Stars - Week 5

Who is your Final WINNER?

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I'm guessing that they have to do both dances, seeing as last week they had to do samba and Viennese Waltz and there were more couples. They have to fill the time somehow.

Larinda McRaven

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Kelly looked great again. But... it wasn't a foxtrot, choreographically speaking. It was a nice "cabaret" number. But she is a fighter and she looked wonderful.

Larinda McRaven

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WOW! Joey and Ashley have totally impressed me. That was a great AMERICAN Style Foxtrot.

(edit) Len obviously needs to watch a few American competitions to see how we do things over here.
GO ASHLY!!! She finally shut him up and told him to do it her way! I've been waiting for that for four weeks.

John and Charlotte were lovely. I was worried about them for the past couple of weeks, he was so tense and overwrought, but this week they were foxtrot personified. Yay!
Poor Ashley, it looks like they may have told them one thing and then judged them on another. I admit it wasn't what I would have chosen but it was entertaining.
John and Charlotte's Paso is so classic, loved it. Did he lose her there at the end?
edit: maybe not. I sort of looked away and looked up and something happened there, but I missed it.
What are Kelly and Alec dancing to, exactly?
I love her dress, if you can call it that. She has that one in a million body that can actually look good in that.

This is not....really...paso....
Yeah, oh man. Makes me wanna go to the gym (almost). :oops: :lol:

What makes me even more ashamed is the fact that she's at work at 5am and I'm not even working. :oops: :oops:
Nope. Cars and KFC here. :)

Joey's and Ashly's music is...ok, also bad. They look so mechanical, but I don't know if they could do anything else to that.

edit: It was very clean. Yay, Ashly!
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