Dancing with your partner?

True, Youngsta.
We are refering to the students who didn't GET the subtle differences in leading, yet merely trying to IMMITATE the style (very physical, almost 'aggressive') of the teacher/professionals.....
I've always reminded the newbies that we girls prefer to dance with guys who keep it simple, keep it cool as opposed to those who 'test drive' us! :lol:
Thanks for hijacking my thread y'all :lol:

I think a lot of roughness between Casino and LA comes from the fact that some cuban moves will not work if the woman has stiff arms a la LA style. There is a lot of displacement from spot to spot during the actual dancing, and if the woman's arms are too stiff, she will feel that she is being swung from spot to spot and get some damage.

I usually try to feel out my partner and see how she dances, if I sense spaghetti arms, I can safely lead her through Cuban / Colombian patterns. But if the arms have the tension typical of LA / NY style, the question 'On 1 or on 2?' pops up.

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