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Way back in May of 2001 ~

A few things I learned from that competition:

1. If the music starts, don't try to find a new spot on the floor. It will only make you mess up.

2. Don't wear a shoulder/backless dress if you have back fat.

3. Don't wear all black in Standard. Not even with sparkles. It makes you look fat. And when you ARE fat, it's even worse.

4. Practice Practice Practice. It shows when you DON'T.

5. Competition videography sucks. I could do better if they'd only LET me bring my own videographer in [dad owns a video company and works for major corporations].

6. Single dances have LOTS of waiting around involved. Even when you are dancing all your heats back to back.

7. Even though a heat is less than 1.5 minutes, it still takes a LOT out of you. Even when you are only dancing 10 heats. Hats off to you guys who do multiple scads of entries.

On with the show(s):

Intermediate Bronze: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_qvTqPaDSM
Full Bronze: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvA7bv4wAT8

After having 3 kids in hospital, I've lost my remaining shreds of dignity, lol. Add to that being thrown up on, pooped and peed on in public... Well, that video is one of my LEAST embarassing moments...


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After having 3 kids in hospital, I've lost my remaining shreds of dignity, lol. Add to that being thrown up on, pooped and peed on in public... Well, that video is one of my LEAST embarassing moments...
bwah ha ha!! Can so relate. Ever get the rhogam shot? You know where they give it you, right????

That floor looked awfully short - was it split?
Never had Rhogam, but I've had anti-inflammatories given there. YEOWCH.

Yeah it was a split floor. And crowded. And confusing. You can even see our coach have to dash over to the correct side at one point. Fun times.


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Well that brought back memories!.. I immediatley noticed all of the skirts with thoes feathers! My first gown was black with feathers and man how I loved it!!!!

It hung in my closet for sometime before I had the gown skirts done in a deep royal blue,... featherless!!, and I now it is my favorite standard gown. Even back then competing bronze in Fla how I hated when they split the floors... Saw the big "B" in your video!

Thanks for sharing!
That was so cute! Thanks for sharing. There must be different heats on the floor. Pro/Am & Student/Student, I presume? Some were clearly pro/am, some looked like student/student.
Re:Competition videography sucks.

Hi Dancing Mommy:

Some time back I started a thread voicing my total dissatisfaction with the video I received at a comp. There were many responses agreeing with thye fact that the vido companies have a stranglehold at the comps, and like you there were those who recommended that people be allowed to bring their own bideographers--for a price.

As to the awful video for which I paid a lot of money, my dance teachers and colleagues advised that I return the video and ask for a refund.

I subsequenntly wrote the company a polite letter and included the video. They didn't even bother to reply. They will be doing the videography again at an upcoming comp. Obviously comp organisers don't read the forum! :rolleyes: What do you and others suggest because the quality of their work really sucks? These comp videos are very important for serious dance students--my teachers usually go over literally frame by frame of our heats to critique our dancing, but obviously when the the cameras miss us, cut off our heads, feet, or whatever, not to mention not find us,the whole thing is quite useless.

Like you I know a good production (and a lousy one) as my significant other was a four time technical Emmy winner with ABC television. He is appalled incidentally at what the dance world seems to accept both in terms of the low standards of videography and terrible sound engineering at comps. But the latter is another story altogether.
At USBC in 1998, they totally didn't even GET one of my *two* heats. And we rocked out. Talk about one angry dancer. Of course, they refunded the $16 they charged for the ONE heat. But still....

Vote with your pocketbook. It's the ONLY way to get a result. Unfortunately, the cash cows (little old ladies sold every package under the sun by unscrupulous studios/teachers) will always be there, so leverage is SMALL.

Videography needs to be set up in such a way that no matter how many couples are on the floor, you'll be able to be seen. My suggestion would be to have banks of cameras on the side of the floor where the raised platform is (BOTH sides of platform) so that if there's a split floor, you get seen.

Short of having a motion capture system where the camera follows you because you are wearing a device, I don't see what a *real* solution would be. Other than litigation claiming that the videography companies have an unfair monopoly. But then, you'd probably end up blacklisted.... Stupid politics.
Unsafe Sound Levels

And don't get me started on sound engineering. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH. Makes my ears bleed.
There don't seem to be people at comps. who are concerned about the sound levels that are cranked up so high that the music and announcements are distorted. The dsitortion is so bad at times you can't even tell what the announcers are saying. Maybe sound distortion isn't something dancers are atuned to? More dangerously there appears to be a lack of concern about the damage, i.e. hearing loss, that can occur with continued exposure to overly loud music. We obviously can't dance wearing ear protectors or ear plugs and after a day at a comp with the music blasting at several umpteen decibels I often end up up with ringing in my ears. My sound engineer significant other usually wears ear plugs at comps because according to him the levels exceed 85 dbs and often get up over 140.

At many comps there are often young children around--was really appalled at one comp when the kids of one of the judges were around the speakers all day long. Feel sorry too to the deck supervisors who are also standing practically on top of the speakers all day. Wonder if NDCA is aware of this problem? Must be a lot of deaf dancers around!
I'm with you on the earplugs. Those clips? I had to manually turn down the volume before rendering because it was SO out of proportion. To give you an idea, we have our computer speakers manually set at 50% output. We then have the Windows volume slider set at 50%. The volume output of the video at those levels was so loud it was distorting. I had to slide the volume down to about 30% on the clip just so it would be a non-deafening volume level.

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