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So I am dancing at a studio with my teacher and have been for the past 7 months...At a social dance party I met a girl and found out she is a dance instructor at another studio of the same franchise as the one I dance and take lessons at...Our studios are a little more than 50 miles apart...I don't want to get her in trouble nor myself, I still take lessons at the studio I am at and have no intensions of switching, but I really like this girl and was wondering if it would be a conflict of interest dating her...Please; any information is helpful...
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No, call/message her outside of the social out side of work...she is a totally different woman/instructor from another studio
I guess there is one way to find out if she will say "yes". For me long ago I was very shy. By the time I asked the girl I was so nervous that it was probably uncomfortable for the girl a few times. In time I became confident enough that I considered rejection her loss, not mine, as there are so many fish in the sea. Good luck! Don't overthink it. :)
P.S. It is a numbers game. Ask enough times (not the same girl!) and you will find success, and also improve your ability to ask and be accepted. Consider rejection a success, not a failure, because you faced the challenge of asking.


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Different studios have different rules (even within the same franchise, I've been given to understand), so she would have to check with hers on whether this would be OK. But I agree with those who said if you're going to ask her out, do it outside of the work environment.

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You really like this girl? How do you know that?

You have been dancing for a total of 7 months. And you danced with her 2 or 3 times while she was working... and all you know is she is attractive, personable, and a good dancer.

Just saying ... she was probably doing her job, because she was working. And ANYTIME I am at a social dance I am in my professional environment and means be doing my "job" which is basically being nice to customers and making sure they feel welcome and making them feel good on the dance floor.

I am not saying she was playing you. And I am not saying she was fishing for lessons as someone above suggested. I am simply saying she was at work and you have no idea who she is outside of that environment.
Watch "swing time"
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
"Cheek to cheek"
If it's wholesome, clean, and heartwarming like that, then go for it and move forward

But if you're gonna try to pull a "shall we dance" Richard Gere on her or you think this is Saturday night fever, then DON'T

Woman pro-dancers are sensitive and they're not like other girls
They really dance with all their heart
So you better NOT be a jerk

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