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Lots of work. And nice work too. :) Doing any dancing? Weren't you installing a danec floor in one room, or something?


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Gorgeous documentation/change control. :D A quality job, as always, ddl. btw, I linked to your site (yet again) last night. Your dance-related occupations page is outstanding. :D
Many thanks for the kudos! I have some mcuh more I want to add and update on the site. Must find time.

In terms of dancing... Since my marriage and move just over a year or so ago I've had a hard time finding adult dancing in my area. I did finally find a bellydance class and have become one person in a three-member performance troupe. Other forms of dance are few a far between...occassional NIA. Now I'm looking for a modern class.

Dance floor... Yep I have a dance room in the lower level of our new home. It's a laminate wood floor and then I have the electronics (tv, vcr, dvd, radio/cd) to accompany me. My use of the room is considerably less than I expected, but I'm hoping to add mirrors soon.

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