December's National Geographic


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There is a feature on Tango in the latest edition of National Geographic magazine. It starts on page 34 and is titled Tango, Soul of a Nation.

Just thought I'd pass that along. :)


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Yes, I saw the print article. The pictures are beautiful, as I expected. It's definitely worth reading, either online, or at the library if you don't have a subscription.
Yes, that is some incredible photography. National Geopgraphic rocks:

Also, check out this Google search:
[google]National Geographic Dance[/google]


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brujo said:
Thanks for posting the link brujo, I was unable to do so as it was unavailable at the time when I checked the NG website.

Just to mention - my parents went on a South America cruise over Thanksgiving and were in Montevideo, Uruguay. They told me while in Montevideo they had heard that the Tango actually originated there rather then in Argentina.


Remember, Montevideo is right across the bay from Buenos Aires. Tango is also very popular there, but not as many people know about it.


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If you haven't followed the multimedia link on the National Geographic article (click the "Sights and Sounds" button), make sure you do. It's wonderfully done, with incredible photos, music and voiceover track that work together to create a great piece of digital storytelling.

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