DF Reunion East -- First Vote

Where would you like to go for DF Reunion East?

  • May I Have this Dance (June or September) Catskills Mixed Dance Styles

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  • Pitt Stop Lindy Hop Nyovember 12 - 14, Pittsburg, PA Lindy Hop

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  • Capital Dancesport, August 26 - 28, Alexandria, VA Ballroom

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  • USA Grand Nationals May 27 - 31, Atlanta, GA Swing and Shag

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  • Virginia State Dancesport Championships July 15 - 18, 2004 Ballroom

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  • Hotlanta Dance Challenge October 16, 2004 Atlanta Ballroom

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  • Salsa Event TBD

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  • Other -- Please comment

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  • USABDA Southeast Regionals Atlanta Ballroom

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Looks like the Yankee Classic is winning. Anyone who knows some reason that this competition should not be joined, speak now, or forever hold your peace. :lol: :lol:


Staff member
OK, I don't know about a poll, but I'll actually be there! :shock:

(No idea where I'll find a bed/couch to crash on yet, but all in good time, right? :lol: )


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Sorry, DancePoet. My DF do list has just gotten too long for me keep up with everything. :( Twenty-five hours a week and counting. No, that's not an exaggeration.

I'll set up a thread today so that people who are going can coordinate. I'll also set up a poll, to see if other events in the future might work. I've gotten a couple PM's suggesting C&W or swing events, as well.


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From what I have heard a couple people are going to the NYC salsa congress on the weekend of the 22nd.

The following are planning on attending:
Sagitta - perhaps

If anyone else is then please let us know.


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I met SD at Yankee, but seems like that was covered somewhere else before. Won't be making it to the salsa congress mentioned nor FL.

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