Died While Dancing


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What do you think of this? I pulled this down from the web:

The Hub Ballroom, Located on Main St, Edelstein, Illinois is now "CLOSED" and "For Sale". In September, Ray Hanlon, owner of the Hub Ballroom passed away while in Cleveland, Ohio. He was attending the annual convention of the National Ballroom and Entertainment Association. On Monday evening Sept 18th, he was honored with a plaque as he was voted N.B.E.A. Ballroom Operator of the Year. Several hours later he suffered a fatal heart attack. His wife has since opted to sell the business.
September 2000

This poor guy died while dancing. Hmm.
No callous intent, but, to me, that doesn't sound so bad. If you've gotta go, go while doing the thing you love most! :evil: :D

What do you think?

Vince A

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We had a longtime friend, Chuck Ellis, also pass away several months ago right in the middle of a 2 Step.

If there was something that Chuck really loved to do . . . it was dance.

I will miss him!


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Oh Vince!

You made me cry! :cry: For real.

I was just joking then, but now I think we should take a moment of silence in honor of Chuck Ellis and those who've gone before.

It could happen to any of us.
Very sorry to hear for your loss...on the positive side, is sounds like he went peacefully doing something he loved.

Hmmm...I know we can't really choose how we die, but I would hope to die while doing something I loved or while being extremely at peace...dance fits both.

Hmm...somber posting board.


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Did you guys see the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral?" Remember that character who died dancing at a wedding? What joie de vivre he had. None of us knows when we're going to go, but knowing us and our collective dedication to dance , I pray that we go dancing. 8) :? :D
I forgot the character's name, but the actor was Simon Callow. He created the role of Mozart onstage in Amadeus. I think he teaches somewhere in Arizona or NM. You didn't need to know that, but there it is.


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Much along the same lines, here's the response I got (back in March) to a quote I'd posted in Ballroom Life.
Jack said:
SDsalsaguy said:
"You don't stop dancing from growing old, you grow old from stopping to dance." --Unknown
I resemble this remark. I have been dancing for over 50 years and it
is my desire to drop dead on the ballroom floor doing Mambo shines
trying to impress my partner.

Knowing Jack, I think he will eventually – far in the future G-d willing – succeed in his aspirations.

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