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I know that a lot of ballroom dancers have backgrounds in Ballet, Tap and Jazz dancing. I 'm wondering what other dance backgrounds are represented such as folk dancing.

Any current or former cheerleaders? I've met a number of ex-cheerleaders and the Dancescape forum actually has a section for cheerleading. I'd agree that cheerleading can be considered a form of dance.
Dance Backgrounds and Exploration:

Cheerleading (grade school through high school)
Belly - my favorite addiction in the whole world
Hula (by video only)
Ballet (by video only)

You could say I like to try a little of everything! :wink:
I like folk dances. I guess the first dance I did was the Sevillanas. Chamame, Polka, Tango, Milonga, Argentine Waltz. In that order.
It's just what it sounds like. American waltz is music in 3/4 in the American style, Viennese waltz is music in 3/4 in the Viennese style, and Argentine...... Give a listen at Todotango.com. There are old ones and new ones. We dance to it something like we dance to the Tango. Sometimes they call the dance Vals Cruzado, which is to say that the partners are allowed to cross feet, or some such thing. Some of the music I like best that I hear at milongas is waltz. Desde el Alma, Yo No Se Que Me Han Hecho Tus Ojos, and La Pulpera are some of the prettiest melodies, I think. It should come as no surprise to you that the Argentines love the waltz. So do the Italians, French, Germans, Spanish and every other people I can think of. A bandleader with good waltzes is Canaro. I like Demare's waltzes, too.

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