Difficulty of learning salsa vs East Coast swing

I've been taking lessons in East Coast Swing and salsa for a few months, and my experience agrees with 'range of difficulty of learning dance styles' lists that I've found on the Internet. That is, ECS seems somewhat easier to learn than salsa.

I can't figure out why salsa seems harder, though.

Can anyone here enlighten me about this?

Thanks in advance.
I would say it has to do with the amount of turn. Salsa has The Cross body lead as an integrel part of the dance which means that we were doing a lot of half turns or one and a half turns. It might also be the teacher. Maybe the East Coast Swing teacher has more experience
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...Can anyone here enlighten me about this?
Not really, because it also depends on the proficiency of the teachers. That aside, I found salsa music in the beginning by far more complex and unfamiliar. Perhaps a latino will conceive it the other way round. Furthermore ECS is a more defused version of swing as it is a studio-born build. A lot of salsa teachers have been performance dancers before they started "teaching".


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Simple answer ; The music is very complex, and, bands that play salsa , are very diverse in how they construct.

In some cases, standard formats may change ( clave for one ex. ) .
In addition, there are cases where the break action is danced on different beats within the bar ( 1 and 2 being common and sometimes 3 ).

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