Discover America (and Argentine Tango in NYC)


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An ad featured as "the first ever global tourism campaign for the United States" provides a glimpse of New York City's Argentine Tango community. Playing the bandoneon in a black suit & white glasses to the left of Rosanne Cash the singer, is Juan Pablo Jofre - a NYC bandoneonist popular in the tango community. The scene is shot on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge, the bridge appears in the background. Incidentally, this location is not far from the Monday night milonga @ Tango Rebar in Brooklyn, NY. After about 20 seconds into the video, Argentine Tango performer & instructor Ney Melo appears on the right side of the screen with other dancers in the NYC tango community. The scene is shot in Central Park, not far from the area in Central Park where an outdoor milonga is held on Saturdays in June through September.


Here is Juan Pablo Jofre playing the Bandoneon with the Ocatavio Brunetti Quartet @ the outdoor milonga held on Sundays in Union Square Park.


Steve Pastor

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Interesting ...
This seems to emphasize the multi cultural apect of the US, rather than any specific uniqueness. NYC certainly takes the cake in that aspect. The message seems to be, no matter who you are, you are welcome here. Although there is a lot of truth to that, after 911 we have NOT been known for our open arms.
Am wondering if anyone esle has similar thoughts.

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