Do 32x34's just not get made?

I don't get it, it's like 32 waist 34 inseam pants just don't get made.

I found a pair at a discount store. They are great... not too short with dance shoes. Didn't expect to find any more at discount pricing.

But can't find them for full price either. Not in major stores in NYC. Not in online catalogs. It's like they just plain passed a law regulating leg length or something...


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No kidding. I've found the same thing when trying to find pants for DH. Except in his case it is now 34x34 or 33x34, and they're just about impossible to find. Very frustrating.


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Tell me about it. I need a 30x33, and those are nigh on impossible to find. I could use 30x34 and do a little work, but those are probably rarer than 32x34.


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my youngest is graduating from a 30x32 to a 32x34. i've seen then on the rack at kohl's. anyway, you can buy them online... lots of options come up with a google...

slightly inconvenient to have proportionately longer legs, but they sure look good...:cool:


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Now that I'm a smaller size, I can't find gym trousers that are long enough, so I'm stuck with some short ones that look awful with sneakers. Grr. It's like there aren't size Small women that are as tall as me, which is freaking ridiculous because I'm a very normal height.

Hmm, so one discovery is the discount men's stores I'd always tended to walk past. NYC is full of them, and they show up other places too. So far I've scored a dirt cheap windbreaker a bit less nerdy than the previous one*, but more importantly two pairs of possible pants. One of them unhemmed!

But that actually puts me in an interesting situation. I spent a while in a more upscale store after practice today, and the salesmen were really claiming that 32's are long enough for me, even after I put on my dance shoes. Wheras my dance friends say they are too short... I'll admit I did neglect to demonstrate foot rise in the store, but I think it actually goes to a stylistic difference. Business wear is still largely tapered leg, wheras dancewear today seems to be wider leg, very wide and very low hem, to create a kind of grounded look.

One of the pants I picked up is a bit interesting in construction - wool blend, but fully interfaced with fusibile. Heavy, which could be good, but may turn out to be too warm. Anyway, no complaints for $20 - worst case I'll wear them on my way to the studio in the dead of winter.

(*at least it was distinctive... one day a co-worker asked if I'd been in a certain town the previous night as she thought she'd seen my windbreaker)


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There's some desginer out there (whose name escapes me ATM) who is putting out trousers that are way too short, intentionally giving men the high-water look.
united colors of beneton - their standard men's pants length is 34. All you have to do is find your waist size.

Ditto on females, btw - all their pants are super long.
I think if anyone has a right to complain, it's me. There's a "big and tall" niche, but no "short and small". It seems like all the main stores have either "short and wide" or "tall and thin". So if I find a pair of pants that fits my waist, then my feet disappear from sight. And if I find a pair that are the right length, then there's enough room for me and a merenguing couple in my waistband. And if I find a pair that has the right waistsize and length, then that means I've accidentally wandered into the kids' section. :oops:

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