Do good tango movies exist?


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I enjoyed The Tango Lesson and Assassination Tango. Neither were great films, but the Tango in them was wonderful! I recommend seeing both.

Can't remember seeing Tango in Dirty Dancing? Is there Tango in Havana Nights?

Haven't seen Strictly Ballroom and was wondering if there is Tango in it?


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I think we need the equivalent of the ending of Cinema Paradiso where all the great screen kisses are segged together, but to do for the all films with a bit of tango in , from Valentino onwards.
Oh, good idea BTM. Mind you, that still ain't a lot of tango!

Thanks for your thoughts, DancePoet. The reviews on both are so mixed, but I absolutely loathed Assination Tango. Am glad you enjoyed it, may watch it when my disappointment has waned.
I don't think there was tango in Dirty Dancing and haven't yet seen Havana Nights, so I can't comment. As for Strictly Ballroom, I can't remember, but will force myself (oh, the pressure) to watch it on the weekend again ...for research purposes, of course.
Strictly Ballroom is indeed a wonderful film that illustrates quite clearly that one great film does not automatically make a great director. Nothing else that I've seen of Baz Luhrmann's work is any good at all!

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