Do men dance?

Risk of embarrasment, heck. Not if we are talking survival of the fittest - and I did think this was one of his "evolutionary theories"?

If it is good for the strong men, then those men would do it and their genes would survive. Why don't most strong men/good fighters dance then? if it is good to him and his genes? The good dancers/strong men/good fighters/whatever fits your theory would not need risking embarrasment - or rather, it would be worth taking the risk here. Some kind of solidarity act is the only explanation I can think of - but oh well, I do not have to find some extra explanations to correct the flaws in his entertaining theory...

A possible way to make the pieces fit together would then be if it _is_ the strong men/who are good at fighting who do dance; the others do not. Well, do Mike Tyson dance? Do the olympic taekwondo medalists? Somehow I don't believe it.

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