Do you delete topics you don't want posted?

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Hello I asked a question that I wanted some response from but it wasn't even up but for 2 days. The question was is there a correlation between people who dance a lot and them not having children? Is there some reason why it is still not posted or is it posted but I can't find it. One person responded 10 minutes after it was written and then silence. Was that because it was purposely deleted or what? I also noticed of the topics listed on this site one person wrote nearly 50% of them.
Your question is alive and well (and getting many replies) right here:

I think you may be looking at the 'active topics' display, perhaps even the short convenience list of the most recent 6 topics that is at the top of every page. Active topics shows topics in their order of activity, and the name shown is that of the user who most recently commented on that topic. If you want to find things that have been less active, go to the next page of active topics.

Or you can click on "Dance Forums" in the top left and look at things by category. You see only the time and user name for the most recent post in each category, unless you go into it in which case you will see all the topics for that category.


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Thanks, Chris. Your reply is completely right. We very rarely, if ever, delete topics, although it does happen sometimes, to be honest.

We delete topics that are posted multiple times (which happens more often than one might think.) We'll leave one copy of the topic and delete the duplicates.

We sometimes delete topics that are deemed obscene or overly offensive. I won't give examples. Please excuse me for that omission.

We try very hard not to completely delete anything, to be honest. What often happens is that topics are posted in an inappropriate forum, and they'll get moved to a more suitable forum.

For example, someone will ask a question about Viennese waltz, but accidentally post it in the Argentine tango forum, where it's not only inappropriate, but will also get little attention. At that point, the AT moderator will often move the topic to ballroom dance, where Viennese waltz will get more attention.

Perhaps that's what happened with the dance and children topic? I don't know for sure. But I do know that your topic is alive and well. I replied to it at least twice, myself. 8)

Have fun, and welcome to the forums. :D
That's Cool

Thanks for telling me. I just wanted to make sure so I could look for feedback. Mr. Duval told me this was a cool site to learn about the dancing techniques, environment, and lifestyle. I hope to learn about the different points of view people have on dancing.


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No we don't delete topics often, and when we do the person who has his/her post delete gets a message from one of us explaining why. You would never find your topic disappearing without an explanation!! :shock: And Mr. Duval is right. This is a cool, friendly, and happening place to be. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of you around. :)


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Hey ruanishtar, if I recall correctly your question was first posted in "Articles." I think that I came across it late at night and felt you'd get a better response in the "General" forum -- as you have -- so moved it. I'd meant to PM you accordingly, but apparently I forgot to, so sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

Also, just to reiterate what the others have already said, the only content that gets deleted is duplicate postings or content that clearly violates the publicly posted DF guidelines.
I say in the politest of tone, we don't discuss issues of moderation in the public forums. Rather, we address problems directly with the people involved. For this reason, this thread is now locked.
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