Do You Fall Romantically For Your Dance Partners?


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am a physically oriented person and tend to be romantically drawn to nearly anyone who dances well and is attractive...just have to laugh at myself and move on....


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Me? Dancing and real life are two separate entities for me. It's a false sense of intimacy on the dance floor. We let our guard down for a little bit because we are in a safe bubble. We can express passions, desires, hopes, fears, because it's going to end in a minute and we say that was a great dance. Have you been on a dancing date? You know how (this may be just me but I doubt it) you are touching, dancing passionately, and then after the dance it's right back to awkward, unsure, first date stuff? That's the proof that the dance wasn't real. Sure it tapped into some part of yourselves that is real and inside of you. But you weren't really saying "This is the love of my life and my love for him/her is without bound." It's different than the real thing.

Again, for me.


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Sure, in the same superficial way you fall for that really pretty girl on the subway or the incredibly caring nurse in the hospital.

Attraction - the art of associating horniness with a particular person...


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yeah but with the nurse is isnt all physical now is it? is also due to her kindness coupled with whatever you found physcially appealling....and that is where I think many folks get trapped...because there is also some genuine affection they think it goes beyond attraction


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I agree that it easy to develop an attraction for someone you dance with. I think that you need to look at that attraction in an honest light however. I am not against dating someone you meet through dancing but you should also be careful when dating someone in the scene because like others have stated, you might mistake the feelings you get while dancing for the real thing.

I do think that dancing does help break down alot of barriers between people though. I have been on dancing dates and dancing did helo ease the tension.


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yes vin-- even romance aside...I often find that when I am upset is is very consoling to just come into dance hold and dance...somthing about being that near to someone else, while it might excite me at some times and in some ways more often calms me down and centers me and reminds me that I am not the only person in the world...
Come on...
Dont be hypocrites.

Atracction exist in any relationship between man an woman, specially in dancing.
Its OK to be friends and to just dance but if you say you have never felt "something" about anyone in the dance floor I would call you a liar.
I dont also think that you should not date anyone youve met on the dance floor. Its great to date dancers, you have that thing in common.
In my opinion, dancing is great for the dance itself and to meet girls...
My dancer friends (who have not steady girlfriends) think alike.

Just an opinion.
It's always nice to dance with people whom you like to touch. The reality is that doesn't always happen--you dance with all sorts of people. Some of the people you find attractive, some you don't. Some women I really love dancing with I'm not attracted to at all.

I do think it would be hard for two heterosexual people who are working intimately together over a period of time not to feel something for each other. But even then, there are plenty of women whom I've danced with a lot, and whom I find attractive but in whom I'm not romantically interested. Romantic involvement is about hearts and minds and really knowing someone. To get romantically interested in someone with whom you've done nothing but dance (i.e. no conversations, no hanging out, no shared sense of the world, etc.) strikes me as, sorry to say it, just a bit juvenile--all about me, not about her.


i'm not a hypocrite. attraction doesn't simply "exist" when there is "any" interaction between a man and a woman.

that is an example of someone taking their personal experience and projecting it onto everyone else, trying to make a universal truth out of it.
sorry. if you feel that way, fine, own up to it - but don't claim it therefore must be true for everyone, and furthermore, namecall people who "won't" cop to it.


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I think the difference of opinion here comes from what people mean by "fall romantically". For me, I interpreted the question to be am I often attracted to the women I dance with. Others might take it to mean, would you want to date the person you are dancing with. Still others take it to mean, would you marry the person you are dancing with.

I think those who say they never get attracted to the people they dance with based solely on that are lying to themselves.

For me, I'ld consider dating someone based solely on what I know from there dance persona. I would not be surprised that others do not feel that way, but I feel differently.

I could even imagine someone wanting to marry someone they know only from dancing, although I don't understand it and I feel differently, I still can imagine it.


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I fell romantically for my dance partner, we dated and now we live together :D .

It was mostly he his "fault" b/c he insisted in that it would be worth a try for a real relationship while i was afraid to lose that way both a good dancing partner and my best friend 8) .

I was wrong he was right- now we are very happy together and I donnot regret only oneday being with him. :together:
Whatever happens on the dance floor I try to leave it there; but I'll probably make an exception if need be. When I'm dancing with an attractive girl I can't help but let my heart pounds against my ribs with an unusual beat, and the intensity increases when she dances passionately. I guess I'm letting my heart do it's job :wink: . But then my brain interrupts and questions the heart so the dialogue begins, which sometimes drive me crazy. I look forward to the day when both my heart and my brain completely agree with each other without a debate.

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