Do You Have A Favorite Restaurant?


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One of mine is this place just around the corner from my house called The Broadway Diner. One of those places with a 1950's theme with nifty breakfast specials; I almost always have breakfast there on Saturday morning. The Good Egg is another. 8)

I live in an area with a lot of fine Mexican Restaurants. Probably my favorite here is La Fuente; would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Tucson. 8)

And then there's Hooters where I like to go on Sundays to watch football. 8)
Spitfire said:
And then there's Hooters where I like to go on Sundays to watch football. 8)
yyyeeeaaahhh... ffoooottball... suurre! ;)

No one place sticks out in my mind as my favorite restaurant... I seldom eat out.

All of the places I really like are in Sacramento... Towards the top of the list... Ric's Dessert Diner -- oh so good! Four layer cakes and all sorts of yummy pies and things... but they only have vanilla ice cream. Great date place although I've never been there on a date. Then there's Burr's (also in Sac. ... near the university) they carry Vic's ice cream (which is awesome!) and they are a good sandwich place... mmmm... I could really go for a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce-- it's funny that they slice your sandwich according to gender... odd... in half diagonally for guys and in quarters for gals... just odd.

Then of course there's Mongolian BBQ! I've only been to one place that does it (although there are more) so I can't really judge the restaurant part... I just like Mongolian BBQ! I should stop before I get too hungry!
I like the Brazilian places with the red and green block that they put on the table. If you keep the green part facing up, that is the sign for the waiter to bring you meat. Any meat. They come around every few minutes and bring you all the meat you can stand. And the Brazilians know how to do meat. If you put the red part of the block facing up, the meat stops coming. We don't have one around here, but we have an Argentine place, and they have good beef, too. They play Tango, too.


Ebisu - sushi
Everett & James (E&J) - BBQ (soul food)
Mel's Diner - American
Max's Diner - American
Max's Opera Cafe - American
Pancho Villa - Taqueria
Jamaica House - Carribean


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Tony Roma's. The place for ribs -- and one of the few in FL that sells beef ribs. Most places are pork all the way, unless you're in the southwest. Tony Roma's does both. Yum! :D
I have recently discovered that I tend to like holes in the wall that nobody else likes. I like a cavelike atmosphere. Dark and gloomy with firelight and sangria.


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MissAlyssa said:
macayo's, this mexican food place in phoenix
also the greek patio and I like chili's
Isn't there one of these in Scottsdale on Country Club?

Don't recall if it was a Macayo's, but I ate there a couple of times when I went to visit a friend who use to live in Fountain Hills.

Just remembered; This is El Charros I'm thinking of. Also a very good place up there and there's three of them here in Tucson as well as a Macayo's


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Saguaro Corner's outside of Saguaro National Park; this is my parent's favorite place. It is famous for the herd of Javelina that often appear at the back of the restaurant in full view from the dining area. They also have very good food there.


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MissAlyssa said:
hmmm, not sure if there is one there. there are quite a few in the valley. do you know if there is an el charro's in phoenix?
That one in Scottsdale is the only one I know of in the whole Phoenix area; if it's still there. It's been at least 10 years since I last had dinner there.

Can't think of the name of it, but there's a rather neat looking place on Alma School Rd. and Warner St. in Chandler. I drove up there last night to attend the dance at the Paragon and thought about having a meal after I left, but passed. I'll have to try it next time.


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I actually thought about this while I was supposed to be sleeping at arounf five this morning. Very sad. I need to get a life. :lol:

Anyway. Here's what I came up with. I don't really like chain restaurants whose names everybody would recognize. Other than Tony Roma's for ribs, I like individual, family-type restaurants that nobody's heard of but that have good food. I can think of a few.

The Salt Lick in Austin Texas for beef BBQ in a rustic setting. (And I do mean rustic. Think slabs of meat on brown paper!)

Mama's diner in Manning, SC. A real throwback to the fifties, with an old-fashioned soda counter, hand-dipped ice cream sodas, and hamburgers made from scratch from "hamburger meat." And the original Mama still there to oversee everything! :lol:

Oley's Family restaurant in Orlando -- great curried goat or oxtails with rice n peas and all the trimmings.

Broadway Restaurant in Philly. Excellent soul food.

Other than that, I like to eat food in its natural habitat. Then, it's cheap and it's good. Like lobster in Maine, or crabs in Maryland. Yum! :D


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pygmalion said:
I like individual, family-type restaurants that nobody's heard of but that have good food. I can think of a few.
Yeah, I like these type as well; the "mom and pop" diners featuring home style meals. I live near two of these called the Bread and Butter and The Hungry Fox. In the town of Show Low, Ariz where my sister lives is a place known as Aunt Nancy's which I really like and I will go there again next time I visit.
Texas Roadhouse...actually in Wisconsin...go figure!!!

As you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by blaring country music and sound of peanut shells cracking. Looking down at your feet, you notice you're the one making the noise. As you look around the incredibly large decor, you notice other diners enjoying shelled peanuts...crack open, eat peanut, throw shell on floor.

Then, as you are seated, your nose is enticed with the rich smell of fresh dinner rolls. The small basket of fresh, warm rolls sits on your table and you realize the small cup of butter is sligthly melted and appears to have freckles. One taste and you realize the butter has been seasoned with cinnamon...yum!

You order a small steak with salad and a baked potato. The salad is crisp, fresh, and healthy. The potato is large, warm, and smothered in a blend of sour cream, cheese, and butter. The best...the steak is juicy, tender, and very well done.

Dessert...never made it that far. Always full on bread! Definately give Texas Roadhouse a chance if you're ever near one...YUMMY!!!

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