do you like shopping?


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I've always wanted to do Black Friday. Not for the shopping, but just for the experience.
A couple of years ago one of the local malls here had a midnight sale for Black Friday. DW and I went to it, mainly for the novelty of being at the mall at 2 AM, but we actually wound up buying a couple of things. However, having done it once, I have no desire to do it again.
A couple of years ago one of the local malls here had a midnight sale for Black Friday. DW and I went to it, mainly for the novelty of being at the mall at 2 AM, but we actually wound up buying a couple of things. However, having done it once, I have no desire to do it again.
2am sounds a trifle late, though. ;)


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I love all the Christmas goodies in pretty little sparkly boxes. Went into Walgreens' tonight for Important Stuff, came out with purple lipstick. Eyed a couple of those giant colorful eye palettes that suck, but are so pretty to look at and goof around with. When I was little, I had a pen/crayon/color fetish. It hasn't changed. Now, it's lipstuff and eyestuff and nailstuff.


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I like shopping/ looking at nice things in store or online in general, like look for sale, but absolutely hate Black Friday shopping, I don't like shop in huge crowd, long line or shop under pressure, I get sick of the crowd, shop under pressure usually mean I would end up getting things I don't really need and wasted money and later regret the purchase. I also think Thanksgiving should be a family day, I'd rather cook at home and spend time with family and friends and not to run to store to wait online, so much more relaxed and enjoyable to stay home than fighting against someone to grab a few sale things in retail store.


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I hate insane crowds and tend to go at off-peak times, but I love shopping... for myself or for others. I am also a huge fan of helping others shop, especially for clothing.

Sadly, with the squeezes I've had to put on my budget to fund my dance budget, my shopping habit has been cut waaaaay back.


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I love shoe shopping. I have way too many shoes. My bf doesn't help with this either. He keeps saying I have too many shoes, and finds super cute shoes for me that I can't resist buying. UGH!!! I wants all the shoes...


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I don't mind shopping, but much prefer to go alone. I can take as long as I want wherever I want then. I generally require a caffeinated beverage to make it through it though, and it makes the experience more enjoyable. I avoid black friday shopping for the most part though, I don't like crowds.
I'm the same....I'm more of a solo random shopper, I go whenever I fee like, and most of time I find goodies that way, never like crowded mall or holiday shopping, it gives me anxiety...


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I miss shopping. Especially now that most everything I own is too big.

It's one of the many things that I have given up to be able to compete :(


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I abhor shopping. If I can't buy it online it doesn't get bought. Am redoing my kitchen and even bought the new kitchen sink online.


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I do a lot of electronics-hobbyist stuff and I buy nearly all of my parts online. There really isn't a local source anymore; Radio Shack doesn't carry parts like they used to, and the last mom-and-pop store in town went out of business last winter. (Kind of sad, too; it had been in business since sometime in the 1950s.)


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Hate malls - absolutely despise them. If I have to go to one, I prefer about 20 minutes duration.

OTOH, I don't mind specialty shops at all and can browse a good while without discomfort.

My Internet shopping has been hit and miss. I've received some low quality merchandise from big, reputable stores. Sometimes you just have to see the stuff in person.


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Bathing suit and BRA shopping hell yesterday! Sweating so much, I decided to just buy four bras and try them on at home later when I'm cool and dry.


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Hmmm....well, probably, overall, yes. I hate shopping at malls (all the clothes are awful, full stop) and 90% of everything else there is crap too, but I can spend all day on antique malls, flea markets, God help anyone with me at an auction, farmer's markets I end up with more than I can possibly use (today I spent enough to get a free watermelon), bookstores, most dance friends know it's a challenge for me to get out of a comp without a new dress or SOMETHING shiny . . . Shoe shopping I hate, dance-shoe shopping doubly so as NOTHING fits really well. Clothing I've gotten hooked on J. Peterman and ModCloth. Used bookstores or Goodwill-type shops with a significant book selection? Settle in, we're going to be here a while. (I literally own a couple thousand books. I'd have to ask my mother how many, she keeps a catalog of everyone's books. No, I cannot get rid of any.)

And of course, animal shopping. I have a goat and duck from the 4-H auctions at the county fair (the turkey and chickens don't count; they're in the freezer and yes, I feel terribly guilty about that-I think next year I'll get a couple geese), I constantly browse horse classifieds and the farm category on craigslist (me to Mom: "This is NEAT! It's a blueberry shaker. It's $12,000 and I don't own a blueberry farm, but . . . ") I can never, EVER, go to Keeneland or Ocala because I think I'd choke around all that lovely Thoroughbred-ness that I cannot in a million years afford. (The man who would win my heart can start by buying me a partnership in a racehorse.) Tractor Supply is like grown-up Toys R Us for me. HOURS of fun if I let myself browse.


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I enjoyed malls a lot more when there was a greater variety of stores, back in the '70s and earlier. The "fashion mall" concept eliminated a lot the stores I used to spend time in, places like hardware stores, hobby stores, record stores, musical instrument stores, newsstands, electronics stores (and I'm talking about places where you can buy capacitors and solder and test tubes, not just a cell phone store), and pinball arcades. (Yeah, guy stuff...) A mall here, back in its day, used to have a slot-car store where they had their own track layout and sponsored races.

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