do you like shopping?


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Rural king is my favorite place to get caramel vanilla soda. I can't go too far in, because they have live bunnies, and I don't like it when stores sell live anything the same way they do inanimate merchandise.


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so grateful for online shopping because I truly do hate to shop and it is so much more fun to simply type exactly what I want into amazon and simply have it pop up...on top of which, my son runs a fundraising start up that, if yyou shop through it, doesn't cost you a cent more and yet a percent of the proceeds go to him and a persent goes to the charity of your choice, which happens to be my daughters' vocal music sorority plus I still get my discover cash win win....and it has made knocking things out related to the wedding next year super easy

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Went to watch embassy last Saturday as a quick road trip. Reward for the mrs was fashion island in Newport Beach. Dang that woman can shop!!!


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God invented online shopping for a reason. I just ordered several things for my fall work wardrobe, and I hope they fit when they arrive. I'm tall with most of my length in my leg, so I hope that trousers have a long enough inseam. But online (even if shipping isn't free) beats driving to the shops.


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I like to shop. I don't love it, but I like it. Unless I'm shopping for makeup, then I love it.

Just found a shop online where you can buy decanted samples of expensive perfume. Things tend to smell differently once they get on my actual body, so this lets me try them out before paying big bucks for a pretty bottle full of amber-tinted liquid that is unusable. My latest sample was Hermes (4 of their more recent scents).


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Shopping today- new underthings from V Secret, perfect sweater dress to wear with tights and booties for fall and a pair of jeans that make me look like I lost 10 lbs- I'll take it


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I just went shopping for a black blouse to wear as a lead. Ended up spending 3 hours at the mall, which was mildly stressful due to the sheer amount of people there. Online shopping is much preferred, or during the week when it's not so crowded. Definitely not shopping very much in person for holiday presents...Amazon is the best!


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I shopped both ways recently. Got some NYD jeans that really lift my butt! Online, I found another bamboo dress like the one I got in Kauai and have worn to death.

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